Obama – Biden fight back on the robo-calls

The Obama campaign is fighting back on these disgusting robo-calls being funded by John McCain’s campaign. 

These automated telephonic calls are a desperate and despicable act made by a desperate campaign.  You would have figured that McCain never would have resorted to these types of attacks, especially when his 2000 presidential run was ended because the Bush campaign used robo-calls to smear McCain in South Carolina.   Surprisingly, McCain has now employed the same company to run these robo-call attacks that the Bush campaign had used.

John McCain had previously referred to these tactics as ‘hate calls’

The Bruce Blog has a very important post addressing robo-calls and the shameful and cowardly campaign being run by John McCain and Sarah Palin.  In some states, these types of calls are illegal.

The Obama campaign released this ad addressing McCain’s sleazy campaign ads. 


Joe Biden spoke in Henderson, Nevada and addressed these robo-calls.


4 responses to “Obama – Biden fight back on the robo-calls

  1. I view the GOP (Republican Party) robo calls and slander as kind of like the movie “The Exorcist” where when priests throw holy water on a demon it spits out vile obscenities. I think the Republican party has long been ruled by greed and corruption, and I think the recent slander and obscenities spouted by the RNC are just a testament to their lack of integrity. Now that “we the people” have an opportunity to finally have a president that represents the American people, the republican party despises it and will try anything to prevent it. I would expect no less from a group that is ruled by corruption and greed. I hope the American people are finally able to get a representative in government by making Barack Obama president.

  2. It is clear that the recent ploys concocted/supported by McCain/Palin to discredit Senator Obama have been soundly invalidated and met with public criticism. And just when you think McCain et al have reached an all time low they come up with the deplorable, slanderous robo-calls. This is a true reflection of the lack of integrity of McCain, a person who claims to represent the Joe the Plimmers and mainstream Americans. As we have discovered, Joe is really an illusion or alter ego created by McCain to distract America from the real issues. McCain claims Obama is a
    terrorists yet his behavior and agenda are more becoming of true terrorism and hatred, in striking contrast to Obama and his agenda. In future presidential races, the code of conduct for candidates has got to be changed to protect the country against persons like McCain. Sorry McCain, we don’t need “smoke and mirrors,” we need candidates who are sincere and qualified to address the issues impacting this country and the world. If you really cherish this country, admit defeat and throw in the towel.

  3. I’m glad Obama released that ad. And Biden’s speech is very powerful.

    I know the RNC was flooded with protest phone calls. They basically stopped answering the phone and their mailbox was full.

    Colin Powell was right to endorse Obama. Plus he had some harsh criticism for the McCain campaign and their sick disgusting tactics. I thought it was especially powerful when he spoke about how Muslims get smeared and we have Muslim-Americans dying for this country.

    I also saw a snippet of an interview with Palin talking about how we shouldn’t go after people’s faith, but respect their right to worship as they want. What a two-faced bitch. She can go after Obama, question his patriotism, imply that he’s a terrorist, imply even that he’s a radical Muslim, but no one should be critical of her brand of Christianity. Well she’s right. It shouldn’t come under attack. Too bad she doesn’t practice what she preaches.

    McCain-Palin have run one of the most disgusting and divisive campaigns ever. McCain, himself once the victim of the hate robocalls in 2000, turned to the same win at all costs strategy. He even hired the same robocalls company. Is he George Bush? He certainly acts enough like him.

    I’m ashamed of him. He sold his soul to the devil to try to win the White House. He now has carved out his place in history as running one of the most disturbing and negative campaigns ever. This from the man who promised to run a clean respectful campaign. What a joke. What a bold-faced lie.

    Patriotic? He seems to have forgotten how to serve his country.

    I hope he loses his Senate seat the next time he runs.

  4. Eric, I agree with you. What makes it worse is how strongly McCain defends these slanderous calls.

    Art, the ultimate smoke and mirror display was Joe the uncertified plumber who was just a McCain plant. McCain has shown over the past few months that he is campaign first, country and dignity last.

    Bruce, Biden has been brilliant and ignored. I didn’t see Palin’s comment about faith. She will try to make us all ‘right with God’.

    I have to say watching John McCain sink so low in this campaign has been an embarrassment. Is this really the legacy he wants to leave behind for his family. Dad/Grandpa ran the most vile campaign in the history of politics.