What if McCain loses his temper at the debate?

John McCain has a history of losing his temper. He was on the irritable side during the first debate and sneeringly called Barack Obama ‘That One’ in the second. Recently, he’s shown hints of his temper during interviews since his poll numbers began to dive.

I’ve been wondering how it would go if McCain lost his temper and his composure during the debate and tried to take a swing at Obama. Would it cost McCain the election because he lost his temper and resorted to violence or would it generate sympathy votes because Obama would be accused by the right as beating up a defenseless old man?

I recalled the last time that a senior citizen took on a younger, in-shape man. The wedge between the Democratic and Republican Parties are as great as the rivalry in these pictures between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees.

Here John McCain (played by Yankees coach, Don Zimmer) charges Barack Obama (played by Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez). It looks like Obama is trying to hold off McCain.

Obama appears to push McCain to the ground. Of course, McCain could have just lost his footing.

McCain dives head-first into the ground.  Was Obama’s left cross the cause?  Is that what we’re calling Fighting the Smears?

Here McCain (still played by Zimmer) is being tended to in the ambulance following the altercation.


2 responses to “What if McCain loses his temper at the debate?

  1. And that’s the end of McCain.

  2. I love the pictures, it seems to be an accurate depiction of what would happen.