Who would Reagan endorse?

John McCain has repeatedly reminded us that his hero is Ronald Reagan.  He also is fond of reminding us that he knew Reagan personally. 

This first video was released by McCain’s Exploratory Committee more than a year ago.  Clearly, McCain has strayed from the principles that McCain said Reagan inspired in him. 

Also, notice how even then McCain played the POW card.


This is one of the classic moments from the 1980 debate between Reagan and Jimmy Carter. 

All voters should ask themselves these questions before voting.  The answer is a no-brainer.

Obama should release this video in an ad.


2 responses to “Who would Reagan endorse?

  1. This Reagan video is perfect. It’s true. That’s why the middle class is voting Obama and McCain’s going down.

  2. I agree. And if McCain would have stuck to the ‘Reagan’ tribute video, he probably would have won the election.