Will Palin spoof Tina Fey on SNL?

According to World Net Daily, Sarah Palin may attempt to spoof Tina Fey. Apparently the John McCain campaign would like to see Palin “capitalize on the buzz created by Fey’s impersonations.” Palin also seems eager to give it a whirl.

Before I go on: Yes, I do read World Net Daily. I have a “vast variety of sources” where I get my news. To highlight today’s key stories over on WND:

Brad O’Leary, author of The Audacity of Deceit: Barack Obama’s War on American Values,’ believes that CBS, NBC, ABC and Time Warner are trying to keep Obama’s secrets because the media companies will not run ads for his book. I guess the media giants are protecting us from O’Leary’s facts.

“There are two possibilities,” said O’Leary, a veteran political consultant, radio talk host and TV producer. “Either the mainstream media are trying to completely shut out messages critical of Obama, or they are afraid of legal action.”

Uh, Brad? You solved their predicament in your quote – all by yourself. They are afraid of legal action by Barack Obama for advertising the lies facts in your book.

Apparently, Jerome Corsi went to Kenya in order get some dirt on Obama. According to WND, Corsi had been detained in Kenya which ‘foiled’ his press conference. There are currently 3 articles on the site covering this story so big that no one else is covering it. By the way, if you act now, you can get an autographed copy of his New York Times best seller, ‘Obama Nation’ for the bargain basement price of $4.95.

Corsi isn’t a big fan of John McCain either – or at least he wasn’t when the GOP told him not to. Read more on Corsi’s McCain-Troversy.

There are also many stories covering Bill Ayers and Tony Rezko. Obviously, they haven’t gotten the ‘memo’ from McCain.

If you are unhappy with McCain – Palin but you like Palin – McCain, for a mere $5.95 you can buy this bumper sticker.

Now back to SNL:

The rumor reported by the Chicago Sun-Times is that Palin will spoof a Tina Fey American Express commercial.

From WND:

“Since Fey has appeared as Palin on “SNL,” the show’s ratings have skyrocketed. According to Reuters, last weekend’s episode lampooning the vice-presidential debate brought in a 7.4 rating, within a 10th of its season premiere, a show that drew the largest “SNL” audience in more than five years.

“Last weekend’s show, the fourth episode of the season, also represented a 23 percent jump over the previous week’s viewership, reports MSNBC, and a 42 percent jump over last season’s fourth episode.”

I need a shower.


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