South Florida ‘welcomes’ Palin and Lieberman

Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Lieberman (R-CT) came to South Florida in order to reverse the polling trend of the last 2 weeks.  (Yes, I know I called Lieberman a Republican.)

A Sunday Rassmussen poll showed that Barack Obama has opened up a 52-45 lead in Florida over John McCain.  This is a huge change since a week ago the 2 candidates were tied and the week before McCain held a 5-point lead. 

This doesn’t bode well for McCain as he really needs Florida for this election.  Last week, McCain’s campaign pulled out of Michigan and it looks like Pennsylvania is next.  Polls indicate that Ohio and Virginia have already shifted to Obama and Missouri and North Carolina (both traditionally strong Republican states) are trending toward the Democratic candidate.

Joe Lieberman attended a breakfast at Riley McDermott’s restaurant this morning.  The event “Lox in the Vote” is an obvious attempt for Lieberman to convince Jewish voters to vote for McCain.  Lieberman packed the event with about 70 people.  Yes, seventy.

On Monday, Lieberman spoke at Chabad of Boca Raton trying to convince attendees that McCain is stronger on Israel than his rival. 

Lieberman also acknowledged that Obama’s personal associations are ‘fair game.’  I guess that would mean McCain’s past dealings would also be fair game, right Senator?

Lieberman also failed to show up for a 1 pm appearance at the Temple Beth Torah / Tamarac Jewish Center on Monday.  The McCain campaign has called last week to reserve a room.  At 1:20, the director of the synagogue contacted the campaign only to be informed that Lieberman would not be showing up.  Fifty people were in attendance for this non-appearance. 

70 people for breakfast and 50 for the no-show.  Looks like McCain is pulling in a significant number of Jewish voters.  Pat Buchanan got more Jewish voters in 2000. 


Sarah Palin has been telling everyone that she read in the New York Times (one of the papers Palin couldn’t name when asked by Katie Couric) that Obama was “palling around with terrorists.”  Of course she refers to William Ayers who during the 1960’s was part of Weather Underground and accused of terrorism.  Also coming up in conversation is Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s former pastor.

Lieberman said that since we don’t know Obama very well, these relationships are important so we get an idea as to who Obama “will listen to when he gets in office, so he’s got to answer those questions.” 

Yes, Lieberman said ‘when.’  Of course, we do know that McCain would align himself with lobbyists if he were to win the election.

About the Palin event from Monday:

Palin’s ‘glitzy, private reception and fundraising dinner’ raised about $1 million and was attended by more than 1,000 donors.

Dozens of starry-eyed Republican faithful and some of South Florida’s wealthiest political elite joined Gov. Charlie Crist, U.S. Sen. Mel Martinez and other Republican dignitaries in greeting the vice presidential nominee at the exclusive Boca Raton Resort and Club.”All the heavyweights were there, it was electric,” said event participant Yvonne Boice, president of the Boca Raton Republican Club. “I really truly feel she can be classified as the female Ronald Reagan.”

“She’s a rock star, and tonight she showed it,” said Sid Dinerstein, chairman of the Palm Beach County Republican Party.


And they call Obama elitist and a celebrity.

The feel-good moment of the event:

A last minute guest at the fundraiser was 11-year-old Rachel Petersen of Deerfield Beach, who was allowed to stay up past her bedtime last month to watch the Republican National Convention. She said she wrote Palin that she was happy she was running and sorry she couldn’t vote for a few more years.

On Monday afternoon, Rachel’s dad, Don, was shopping when his cell phone rang. It was Palin, he said, and she wanted to thank Rachel personally for the letter. When Don explained how close they live to Boca Raton, she invited them to the fundraiser.

Rachel showed up in a pretty dress with a big smile. She was nervous to meet Palin and said she shook her hand and said, “I want to say good luck.”


Source information:  To get this post together, I referenced numerous articles in both the Sun-Sentinel and the Palm Beach Post.  I wanted to post this sentence in one of the Post’s articles.

“While McCain said he would run a campaign based on issues, he has shifted his strategy in recent days as he falls behind in national and state polls.”

McCain has shifted his strategy in RECENT DAYS!?!?!   He has run this type of campaign nearly from the get-go.  His campaign had pointed out quite a while ago that this campaign would not be about the issues.  Now they are saying that they can not win if the topic is the economy so they are going to get dirtier. 

Either the Palm Beach Post thinks their readers have been asleep for the past 4 months or the author and editor of their story were.



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