It’s all Obama’s fault

Asked why he has resorted to an ad campaign based on lies and smears, John McCain blamed Barack Obama.  If Obama would have just agreed to do those town hall appearances, McCain wouldn’t have had to go negative.

Of course, the entire economic bailout was necessary because of Obama.

Now McCain is going to lose this election and he’s going to blame Obama.  And it’s not because he received more votes than McCain.  No, the reason is McCain had to pull his campaign out of states within a month of the election essentially conceding the state and all of its electoral votes – and it’s all Obama’s fault.

He’s pulled out of Michigan – no longer running ads or sending mailers to voters.  His campaign stated that Obama, too, has pulled out of states.  It’s true that Obama has reduced his 50 state campaign to a 47 state campaign.  He has pulled out of Alaska, North Dakota and Georgia conceding these states to McCain – even though the likelihood of Obama winning any of these was remote. 

McCain pulling out of Michigan sends a stronger message.  This was a state that was expected to be in play, especially because the Democratic Party originally refused to seat the Michigan Democratic delegates for violation of their rules during the primaries.

Pennsylvania for Change informs us that it appears that McCain is preparing to exit Pennsylvania thus conceding its 21 electoral votes to Obama.

If Obama had just raised less money, then McCain could compete.  McCain is being forced to pull of out states he had hoped to steal in order to hold on the ones he could now possibly lose – like Florida, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Missouri and Indiana.  Lose one of these states and Obama pretty much secures the Democrats of the victory.

And it is also going to be Obama’s fault because McCain is going to run an exclusively negative campaign for the duration.  I just have one thing to say to John McCain – Quit your damn whining.


From The Hill:

Public funding limits pushed McCain out of Michigan

Barack Obama’s decision to forego public funding for his presidential campaign helped force John McCain to withdraw from Michigan, abandoning an important strategic objective, said a McCain adviser. 

The withdrawal was a painful decision for Sen. McCain (Ariz.), the GOP presidential nominee, who spent nearly $8 million to advertise in the state.

McCain strategists decided, however, that they had to pull out of Michigan to keep up with Sen. Obama (Ill.), the Democratic nominee, who has been allowed to raise and spend unlimited amounts on the general election because he opted out of public funds.

McCain has had to adhere to spending limits because he accepted public funds for his campaign after winning the GOP nomination in September.

“Part of it is they agreed to accept federal matching funds, which capped the money,” said Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.), who has served as a regular adviser to McCain.

“Obama did not. Obama has access to a lot more money than we do,” stated the lawmaker.


3 responses to “It’s all Obama’s fault

  1. When Obama wins the election, McCain can blame Obama because Obama offers HOPE and McCain offers NOPE.

  2. I like how it was announced McCain will go negative in the final 30 days. And uh, that’s something we haven’t seen from him?

    The swing states are swinging Obama. The Straight Talk Express, thankfully, is careening over the cliff.

  3. The McCain campaign is self-destructing. It’s really sad to watch.

    The new Obama video on Keating Economics should now be available.