Sarah Palin’s Greatest Hits

Countdown with Keith Olbermann presented a ‘greatest hits’ of Sarah Palin tonight in preparation for tomorrow night’s debate with Joe Biden.  This one by Talking Points Memo is absolutely amazing. 

It is staggering to believe that she has been in the public eye for just over 1 month and in that time has generated 5 minutes of hilarious outtake moments.  And nearly all came from just 3 interviews.

I think it is interesting to note that for the Sean Hannity and Fox News interview that Palin had her hair down.


4 responses to “Sarah Palin’s Greatest Hits

  1. I’m torn. Half of me wants to laugh, the other half wants to cry.

  2. I’ve been doing both. Lately, I spend more time laughing.

    Tomorrow night will be the deciding factor for my mood.

  3. I think shes going to win tomorrows debate, but I hope the debate ends up like that clip you showed…its classic


  4. I think she’ll win too. I’ve watched 2 of her debates from 2006. I am very concerned.
    Biden is brilliant with facts and most Americans don’t care about facts.