Joe Six-Pack (Sarah Palin) versus Joe Biden

Watching the Sarah Palin interviews have left all of us shaking our heads and rushing for the mute button.  It has made for excellent fodder for Thursday night’s debate. 

This clip, by Talking Points Memo TV, defines both of our vice presidential candidates qualifications.  Only one has the intellect necessary to hold this particular office and possibly the highest office in the country.  That is, unless you want that candidate you can relate to.   She equated herself to Joe Six-pack but it seems she gives herself too much credit. 

Katie Couric asks both candidates about Roe v Wade and to name a Supreme Court decision (not Roe v Wade) that they disagree with.  Regardless of whether you agree with their answers, one candidate stands out above the other.  It’s not even close. 


3 responses to “Joe Six-Pack (Sarah Palin) versus Joe Biden

  1. Thanks for posting this.

    Ooops, Sarah can’t seem to name one she’d disagree with. Probably couldn’t name one she’d agree with either. Probably can’t name one at all if she can’t name a periodical she reads.

    Biden is just so far superior it’s not even funny. And it’s not just because of his experience. It’s because of his knowledge and his intellect. If she were smart or brilliant I’d say great, but it’s just not even close. She’s so out of her league it’s not even funny. Will someone tell her that it’s not a beauty pageant where if she says “world peace” that’s sufficient.

    Bill Clinton today made a good point. He was saying that Obama in office will travel some in his first year or two but needs to be dealing with our economy and infrastructure so therefore the VP candidate is crucial in traveling for foreign policy. And obviously Biden is the best. So given that rationale, if McCain is elected we get Six-pack traveling the world talking to world leaders? Yikes.

  2. McCain is dropping in the polls. Look for another “drama” from the McCain campaign.

  3. I can not tell you the number of people that tell me that Palin scares the hell out of them – Republicans and Indpendents included.

    Last night, I watched part of another gubernatorial debate with Palin in 2006. She’s pretty good at debating. She mentioned a few things that I never heard of (Alaskan politics) and sounded fine to my uninformed ear. Most Americans that will watch tonight will not realize that she is clueless and the media will not tell them.