Here we go – McCain’s temper is coming out

John McCain held a press conference with the Des Moines Register and things aren’t going too well for him. 

In his interview with Sarah Palin and Katie Couric the other day, he began to display some of that rumored testiness.  Many analyzed his refusal to look at Barack Obama during last Friday’s debate as an angry man unwilling to acknowledge his opponent in the race.

In the Register interview, he looks pissed, he tone is irritated and it is safe to say that he is becoming unraveled.  If McCain continues showing this side of his personality, his numbers will be sure to decline further. 

Is this a catch-22?  As his numbers decline, he gets testy which causes his numbers to decline further – which causes him to get testier. 

I think America deserves to see the angry John McCain, the one we were warned about by members of his own party.

This is from Talking Points Memo TV.


3 responses to “Here we go – McCain’s temper is coming out

  1. Oh yeah, this was priceless. I like how he says he’s heard nothing of dissent about Palin and hasn’t heard about people in his own party calling for her to step down.

    He’s in trouble.

    The polls for Obama are up and that includes in most swing states. I SO want to see Florida go for Obama. And like you said, wouldn’t it be wonderful for Missouri and N. Carolina to go blue?… LANDSLIDE!

  2. We are watching McCain self-destruct right before our eyes. As he gets more desperate, he becomes nastier and more impulsive. With the facial issues making its way into the public eye, voters are going to start to worry about Palin as president.

    I never thought McCain would react so poorly under pressure. Good thing there isn’t pressure when you are the president.

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