Florida voters – an important message about your rights

Regardless of who you support in the General Election on November 4th, it is important that we make sure we vote and feel confident that our vote will be counted. 

I received this email from the Barack Obama campaign and am passing this along. I know this message is geared to Obama – Biden supporters but the information provided here is important to all voters.


Florida voting rights under threat


There’s a dangerous rumor going around the internet in Florida right now, and it’s being repeated by some news outlets.To be clear: when you vote in Florida, the address on your identification CAN be different than your registration address.

Thousands of voters around Florida could be discouraged from voting or even denied their rights based on this misunderstanding. And nobody knows better than Floridians how big a difference even a few votes can make.

We need to make sure this false rumor isn’t reported as truth and alert people to the facts.

Write a letter to the editor of your local paper now and help preserve voting rights.

The voter identification law is relatively new, and there is a lot of honest confusion around what will be required of Florida voters this November.

But this election is too important to let the confusion go uncontested. With the devastating effects of the Bush-McCain economic policies being felt worse than ever, millions of Americans are counting on the change that only Barack Obama and Joe Biden can bring.

Once this rumor gets established in people’s minds, it will be very hard to dislodge. That’s why we need to act now to push back with the truth.

With our easy-to-use letter tool, it’s simple to write and send letters to your local paper. Check it out now and help get the message out:


Keep fighting the good fight,

Obama Action Wire



Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is reporting about a similar situation in Colorado.  Apparently this will not be the case in Florida. 


3 responses to “Florida voters – an important message about your rights

  1. thanks for posting this. very important. the rethugs are trying to scare away Dem voters.

    boy, it’s like a fight every step of the way for peoples’ votes to count!

  2. Election fraud is a huge issue again this year. They are using every tactic imaginable. The Republicans know that if everyone votes, they lose.