McCain Already releases ad following first debate

In what could be the fastest turnaround time in releasing a campaign ad, John McCain’s campaign released an ad with Barack Obama repeatedly citing that McCain is right. 

It was definitely a debate where most Democrats will say that Obama won the debate while most Republicans agree that McCain won.  I don’t think either candidate rose far enough above the other one to win over significant voters. 

There are still 2 more Presidential debates but next up it will be Sarah Palin debating Joe Biden.  I wish they were doing this seated rather than at a lectern but it should be very interesting to say the least.   


5 responses to “McCain Already releases ad following first debate

  1. This is absolutely ridiculous. Barack had the honesty and courage to state the topics on which the two candidates agreed, while McCain simply tried to do all he could to throw punches at Barack, even when it meant skewing Obama’s words to the point at which McCain was actually lying to the American public during this debate. For god’s sake, America, wake up.

  2. Funny – Senator McCain is not agreeable to ANYTHING Senator Obama says – it is interesting that they would be so anxious to point out that Sen. Obama actually might agree with something that Sen. McCain says – OH NOOO. If you listen to Sen. McCain, he could not hold his own in a debate with a mediocre High School Debate Team. The good ole’ boys are done. Why didn’t Sen. Obama ask Sen. McCain why his home state (Arizona) is dead last in Education, Health/Human Services, Immigration Reform, and teacher pay – yet top of it’s class in HS Drop-out rates, Teenage Pregnancy, Prisoners per capita, and second to last median income? Why didn’t Sen. Obama ask about the Keeting 5 (of which Sen. McCain was a major 5th). I am from Arizona and Sen. McCain is a major as*hole as are his buddies Shadegg, Kyl (the good ole’ boys).

  3. Airborneranger

    Why don’t someone ask Obama who paid for his high speed education?

  4. Air, why doesn’t someone ask McCain about his education or his extra marital affairs or his temper? Come on Air, you can do better than that.

  5. Air, are you jealous? Just asking.