Couric – Palin on Russia

Katie Couric asks Sarah Palin, in this video, why Russia’s proximity to Alaska is part of her foreign policy experience.   The answer is painful to watch. 

To think that Palin actually may have to meet with foreign leaders and have serious conversations with them.  As Vice President, she will be representing us!

They said that she was a quick study, but I’m not seeing any improvement from the Charles Gibson interview.  Now I understand why the McCain campaign is attempting to postpone or cancel the vice presidential debate.



10 responses to “Couric – Palin on Russia

  1. That was so painful. I would laugh if I wasn’t still afraid that this might actually become the next vp…

  2. I’m right there with you. She terrifies me and I’m going to scare you a little bit more. McCain is 72 and has had a recurring case of skin cancer. She could be our president.

  3. Airborneranger

    I’m going to scare you a little bit more. Obama could be President. You know the guy who has even less experience then Palin. If that means anything.

    Where you scared when Bill Clinton was elected? His experience was as a small state southern governor. According to most of you he did just fine. Answer me , where does one go to get experience to be President?

  4. You know, Air, that ‘less experience than Palin’ line is crap. His judgment is better. He is more intelligent. He was able to defeat the Clinton machine by running a brilliant primary campaign.

    Why is McCain shielding Palin from the media and limiting her exposure to scripted speeches? Conservatives have begun pulling away from your ticket and are questioning Palin’s ability.

    To refer you back to your other comment on another post – why would you spin this into Clinton? Nice job, spin doctor.

  5. Give me Obama’s legislation accomplishments? Can’t find them? That because he doesn’t have any. Works across the aisle? Has record of being the most liberals Senator, that’s working across the aisle? Better judgement and intelligences? Yea right, some of his life decision have horrible and his continuously being wrong about Iraq doesn’t confirm your judgement. As for defeating Clinton. She lost because she wasn’t liberal or radical enough for the liberal base.

    Conservatives aren’t pulling away and many Clinton Democrats aren’t supporting Obama. Palin’s answering questions everyday, which really isn’t the question.

  6. Obama’s legislation accomplishments: Go to: This will give you a list from just this Congressional session only.

    Across the aisle: Global Poverty Act with Chuck Hagel. The Lugar-Obama Nonproliferation Legislation (with Dick Lugar). Gas Station tax credit for installing E85 ethanol refueling pumps with Jim Talent. The website that allows us to see how our tax dollars are spent was from a bill with Tom Coburn. (Palin said that we need to be able to view how our tax dollars are spent online not knowing that Obama already wrote a bill that did this.)

    I hope this is good enough for now. He has a lengthy list from the 109th congress and also during his time in Illinois.

    Life decisions. Graduated Columbia University. Worked to help the poor in Chicago. Graduated Harvard Law. First black editor of the Harvard Law Review. 8 years as Illinois Senator where he sponsored and wrote bills designed to help lower and middle classes.

    The associations that you and your side like to continually invoke are stretches at best. Read something other than Drudge. Listen and watch something other than Rush, Fox, Savage, and Hannity. Fact Check their comments on Reuters and AP.
    You’ll be surprised to know that I was a Rush listener for many years and I too watched Fox News for years. And when I got the internet, I began to fact check them.

    George Will isn’t pulling away? Palin does not answer questions everyday. She answered 1 last week at a town hall and 4 a couple of days ago. That’s it. She has had 3 television interviews and did not do so well in 2 of them.

  7. Airborneranger

    This is a prime example of the pettiness and mean spirit approach by Obama supporter. I for one want nothing to do with this type of human beings.

  8. Hacking into someone’s email is a criminal offense and if this kid is found guilty he should go to jail. I suspect, however, that you are blaming this on Obama – which would fall into line with your guilty by association approach to everything Obama. Does your right wing hack, Mr. Honcho, label every criminal with their party affiliation?

  9. Airborneranger

    Make all the excuses you want Buck. The kid is a son of a Democratic politician from Tennessee who supports Obama. Let’s say Limbaugh hacked Biden’s E-mail. You liberals would be ready to stage a revolution over that. I’m just pointing out how petty and stupid these elections have become. What was the point of hacking her E-mail?

  10. It was a kid being an idiot. There is no point. Just like there is no point to your accusation and it’s clear that you are reaching. It has nothing to do with the election.
    Are you going to blame Obama for every crime committed by a person who wants to vote for him? Very dumb, Air.