McCain suspends campaign. What does this mean?

I’ve been mocking and highly critical of the McCain – Palin ticket.  But I want to be serious and non-partisan for a moment.

John McCain has said that he is suspending his campaign.  John Edwards, Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton all suspended their campaigns when they exited the presidential race.  That is what I understand ‘suspending a campaign’ to mean.

Why can’t John McCain and Barack Obama take a leadership role and work on a non-partisan solution to this economic crisis AND continue with the debate?

As Randi Rhodes suggested, why can’t the vice presidential nominees Sarah Palin and Joe Biden step in and debate Friday on national security and foreign policy?  As Rhodes said, that is what vice presidents are supposed to do – step in for a president when he / she becomes incapacitated.  This would be a phenomenal test and let us know if these 2 candidates are ‘ready from day 1.’


Is this McCain taking a step back to analyze his last week – which clearly wasn’t his best week?


So my question for today is:  What happens to the McCain – Palin ticket when John McCain suspends his campaign?


3 responses to “McCain suspends campaign. What does this mean?

  1. Hard to say how voters will respond to this latest bit of news. It could go either way.

    But, no, this doesn’t mean McCain is quitting. It’s temporary until some sort of legislation is passed on the economic crisis.

  2. Well, the House Democrats have reached an agreement today and will discuss it with the Republicans tomorrow, that’s according to Barney Frank. One other thing that Barney Frank mentioned is that the $700 billion dollar payout would not be in one lump sum, that is would be divided into installments. That’s a smart idea. It will be easier to follow the money that way.

    McCain’s campaign is cracking. Palin couldn’t even make it through the interview with Katie Couric without a gaffe. No wonder they keep her sequestered from the press.

  3. The Couric interview was a joke. Now the McCain campaign is trying to cancel the VP debate.