Hemorrhaging Poll Numbers and an Economic Crisis has McCain seeking to delay Friday’s debate

In an effort to stop the bleeding in the polls, John McCain has said he would suspend campaigning Thursday and he ‘seeks a delay’ in Friday’s first presidential debate.  The excuse reason he provided is that he wants to return to Washington in order to work on a resolution to this proposed $700 billion bailout.

The McCain campaign is working together with Barack Obama’s campaign in order to reach an agreement.  Clearly, McCain is trying to eliminate Obama’s economic advantage in the polls and working with him toward a resolution will possibly even the score with the voters.

McCain’s poll numbers have been hemorrhaging recently most likely for multiple reasons.  The Sarah Palin bump has taken a swing back in the other direction as questions arise about her background and her avoidance to answer questions to the media and at town halls.

The economic crisis that began last week has many voters holding Republicans responsible by a margin of about 2 to 1. 


Why would McCain really want to delay the debate when he has been calling for a town hall tour with Obama?  He has even blamed his negative and lie-filled ad campaign on Obama’s unwillingness to do those town hall appearances.

McCain has said that he was the foreign policy and national security candidate – even though he has been making gaffes along the campaign trail.  He has cited that Obama is inexperienced with regards to national security.

So setting these expectations, McCain will find it hard to gain ground with this debate.  I was really interested in watching on Friday so I could count the number of times McCain lied and used the POW card. 


Here’s the full story from the New York Times.


4 responses to “Hemorrhaging Poll Numbers and an Economic Crisis has McCain seeking to delay Friday’s debate

  1. “The issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should”….yes, the man who said that is marching to washington to save the day. If you believe that, I have a bridge in Alaska to sell you….

  2. The debate points for tonight’s debate is national defense, not economics. So your post doesn’t hold water. Why don’t you liberals stop being so petty?

  3. The debate was supposed to be about national security and foreign policy but because of the economic crisis did you happen to notice that the first section of the debate was about the economy? Did you even watch the debate?

    You’re desperation is showing, Air. Every comment now has an insult included at no cost to the reader. I noticed your tone change as McCain started slipping in the polls.