Freddie Mac paid McCain campaign manager Rick Davis through last month

Yes, it’s unbelievable that a lie came from the John McCain campaign.  Rick Davis, McCain’s campaign manager has been paid $15,000 per month by Freddie Mac from late 2005 through last month.  This contradicts what McCain stated last Sunday when he stated that Davis has had no involvement with Freddie Mac for several years. 

Maybe the ‘what I really meant’ candidate really meant that Davis hadn’t taken any money from Freddie Mac for several days.  Maybe, he meant a different lobbyist on his campaign. 

McCain also said on Sunday that he would be happy to review Davis’s record.  Davis claimed that he left Davis Manafort in order to work on McCain’s campaign.  He also claimed that he hasn’t been doing work for Freddie Mac any longer, which makes me wonder, of course, what were they paying him to not do.

I think it is time for Rick Davis to step down, finally.

For more – here is the New York Times story and the Washington Post story.


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