Obama on the Economy: A Blueprint for Change

Barack Obama has posted a 4 minute video providing a ‘Blueprint for Change’ on the economy.  It is loaded with bullet points


The Blueprint for Change {at a Glance}

Issue:  Economy


Emergency Economic Plan

$1,000 energy rebate

$50B stimulus to struggling communities


Provide Middle Class Americans Tax Relief

Making $250,000/year –

No Tax Increase

Cut taxes

3 times more middle class tax relief than opponent.


Create Jobs           

Invest $15 billion / year

Green technologies

5 million jobs / year


Protect Homeownership and Crack down on Mortgage fraud

Raise Penalties for Rule-breaking lenders        

Access to accurate mortgage info

Tax credit to cover 10% of mortgage payments


Reform Bankruptcy laws

One reform example:

½ of personal bankruptcies arise from serious illness medical payments


Support Labor

Pass Employee Free-Choice Act


Fight for fair trade

Will not sign trade agreements without protections from environment or U.S. workers

Pass Patriot Employer Act

Tax breaks for companies that keep jobs in U.S.


Improve work/Family Balance

Double spending on after-school programs

Expand Family and Medical Leave Act

Encourage states to adopt paid leave


Improve work / family balance

7 paid sick days each year

Protect against caregiver discrimination

Flexible work schedules


For the full document – download The Blueprint for Change at www.barackobama.com/issues


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