Sarah Palin interviewed by Sean Hannity

Following the Charles Gibson interview of Sarah Palin, the McCain campaign decided that she needed a friendly interviewer for her second attempt.

If she couldn’t look good in an interview with Sean Hannity, she should just pack it up. Hannity is without question the most partisan pundit around today which is why he makes as much money as he does. He has never broken from party or message so who is surprised by the series of softball questions lofted to Palin?

Part 1 of the interview.

Part 2 of the interview

She said ‘tax cuts’ create jobs. How have the Bush tax cuts helped to create jobs?

She said that there are ‘stark contrasts’ between McCain – Palin and Obama – Biden. She said she would be ‘happy to talk about those contrasts’. But she never does.

Part 3 of the interview

Hannity asks her how she took on her own party as governor – specifically.

Does she answer with specifics? Of course not.

Yes, she did say that the people had given her a mandate. (Bush 2004?)


2 responses to “Sarah Palin interviewed by Sean Hannity

  1. peterjsullivan

    I think the interview with Charles Gibson was a great example of her character and knowledge base…. or what is lacking. So, I ask you, what is the difference between Sarah Palin and GW?

  2. Airborneranger

    What comparison are you looking you looking at? Using Bush in relation to Palin is a weak attempt to damage her campaign.