McCainPedia – Count the Lies

There  is a great site to keep track of the lies told by the John McCain campaign.  It is from the Democratic Party. 

McCainPedia – Count the Lies. 

The counter is currently at 54 Lies.

From the site:

John McCain may be trying to sell himself as a “maverick” and a “straight talker” who will tell the truth no matter the consequences, but independent, non-partisan watchdog groups aren’t buying it. But, since he wrapped up his party’s nomination, John McCain has offered more of the same false attacks and smears. To date, independent, nonpartisan fact checkers have published more than 50 fact checks debunking John McCain’s lies and distortions.

To hold John McCain accountable to his own standard, the Democratic National Committee will count and chronicle the lies here on the McCainPedia’s “Count the Lies” page.


My biggest problem with ‘Count the Lies’ is that it requires serious reading.  I’m not sure if it because there are already 54 lies on the site or that it is presented in block format but I believe that no die hard Republican will ever take the time to read this site.  It will be mostly for Democrats and bloggers to go to this site to help us debunk the nonsense coming from the right.

To catch the eye of mainstream America, it needs bullets and catchy phrases.  McCAIN LIE – Maverick Ad False.

I know I’m going to make good use of this site.  I do recommend it as the McCain lies are debunked and they back it with sources. 

Clearly, this isn’t for the Fox News crowd.  It’s up to us to make the easy-to-understand slogans and sound bites.

And when you have a chance, check out McCainPedia’s Main page.  There are some really interesting tidbits – like the Keating Five and Social Issues.


2 responses to “McCainPedia – Count the Lies

  1. Perhaps a new blog can be created with McCain lies as bullet points prefaced by the statement, “Unless I’m proved wrong, John McCain lied when he said…. (bullet point) followed by the lie.

    Just having some fun.

  2. We really should do something. I don’t know why Democrats can’t convert their message to bullet points for debates, interviews and ads.
    Ironically Joe Biden is the best at it.