McCain and Obama quickly roll out Economic crisis ads

The Obama – Biden and the McCain – Palin campaigns didn’t waste any time pushing out ads covering the Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and AIG crisis. 

Let’s start with John McCain’s 2 ads.  These ads are such a pathetic attempt for McCain to sound relevant.  It is reminiscent of the horrible sports franchise trying to promote their team in order to convince people to buy tickets to their games.  His role in the Keating Five in the 80’s, Phil Gramm’s presence on his campaign and his admitted weakness on the economy makes McCain totally unqualified to weigh in on this crisis.

In ‘Enough is Enough’, McCain lends his voice to this ad. Of course, Obama has been campaigning on ‘Enough’ so the choice of the word is curious obvious. 


The second McCain – Palin ad is ‘Crisis’. 

‘Only John McCain and Sarah Palin can repair this.’

‘Oil drilling to reduce gas prices?’  Really?  Are people still buying this one?




Notice how both of these ads never took a shot at Barack Obama and Joe Biden.  Now that Obama is hitting back, McCain, I guess, is going to whine – ‘how come Obama is smearing me?’


Here is Obama’s version of Crisis.  It is called Fundamentals and it capitalizes on McCain’s gaffe yesterday saying that the “fundamentals of our economy are strong.”

The ad repeats McCain’s words 3 times and ends with a clip of Bush and McCain together.  They need to continue showing McCain and Bush together.



3 responses to “McCain and Obama quickly roll out Economic crisis ads

  1. Good point… so now McCain will go back to whining like a crybaby. Interesting, McCain won’t do anything because he supports deregulation of Wall Street. That’s not reform. The Palins won’t do anything. They left Wasilla with a $200 million debt. That’s not reform. Neither of them offer the change that we need.

  2. I’m going to stop back later and read some more. Got to run right now.

  3. If Obama – Biden can’t take control of the polls by 10 – 20% after this week with the market, then we are in for a frightening 4 years. The MUST control the message and if McCain starts whining, Obama should give him a tissue.