The Gloves are finally off! Obama strikes back!

The Obama campaign finally came out swinging. This is what we have been waiting for. John McCain has thrown enough dirt.

As Obama started saying at the convention – ‘ENOUGH’

In ‘Real Change’ Obama concludes with “I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message because this year change has to be more than a slogan.’

The ad that really should make an impact is “It’s Over” which identifies the corporate lobbyists that work on the John McCain campaign. To get the full picture of McCain’s lobbyist problem go to McCain’s Lobbyists.

It is so good to see Obama start to fight back.


6 responses to “The Gloves are finally off! Obama strikes back!

  1. themikeyreport

    Geez… you guys are freaking desperate. The Obama campaign is in meltdown mode.

  2. The second ad you posted is what we need to see more of. I’m sorry to say. But Obama is going to have to hit him hard. I hope Obama can find the balance with inspiring people and hitting back hard at McCain. That’s his only chance.

  3. Mikey,

    Nice job at projection. McCain’s entire campaign has been run in a state of desperation.

    The so-called straight shooter, the so-called maverick said he’d run a clean campaign.

    Instead he has run a campaign filled with lies, smears and innuendos against Obama. He has flip-flopped on all of his most moderate positions, has voted 95% of the time with Bush – when he’s taken the time to vote. He missed the final 4 months of the session voting on 0 bills and then called out the Democrats for not passing a bill for more off-shore oil drilling – which he was against before being for. But don’t worry, because he wouldn’t have shown up to vote on the bill anyway.

    And he has taken pandering to a whole new level. Just look at the Palin selection.

    Don’t forget, at the 9/11 interview, he said the reason why he was using smears and lies in his ad was because Obama wouldn’t go to town halls with him. So McCain is running a tremendously dirty campaign and he is blaming his opponent who up until now has run a clean campaign.

    I say Obama – go get him.

  4. Obama does need to get tough now, we believe he is the only true leader of the 08 elections that can restore the respect that the rest of the world has lost for America. Republicans call themselves Christian yet the`re not Christian enough to talk to their enemies were as Sen Obama is willing to use diplomacy not WAR. We are Europeans and citizens of Europe and we most definitely want Sen Obama to win your election, we don`t care that he is black! We have started our own campaign here in Europe, we call our campaign `Europeans 4 Obama`. We`re all `FIRED UP`. Sen Obama please get tough now don`t go soft. Obama Obama!!! EUROPEANS 4 OBAMA !!!


  6. John McCain has been lying ever since he returned from Vietnam. John McCain wouldn’t recognize the truth it if hit him in the face. John McCain would rather win an election then be known as an honest person. There Straight Talk Express has always been the opposite. There’s John McCain using the same flip-flop terms just like his best friend George W Bush. Remember the “Clean Skies” and “No Child Left Behind”? The opposite is true. Same with straight talk. I haven’t heard straight talk from McCain in over 8 years. He probably lied then only I wasn’t paying attention to notice.