Charlie Gibson interviews Sarah Palin – VIDEO

This is part 1 of the Sarah Palin interview with Charlie Gibson.

Oh my God! She sounds like a female version of George Bush. She even said ‘NUCULER’.

Listen to why she thinks we were attacked on 9/11.

Does she know what the Bush Doctrine is?.

Can you hear Dick Cheney saying: ‘Wah – you’ve learned well, grasshopper.’

And count the times she says ‘Charlie’.


5 responses to “Charlie Gibson interviews Sarah Palin – VIDEO

  1. Interesting interview. Charlie Gibson looks bored and annoyed especially when he said “I got lost in a blizzard of words. Is that a yes or a no.” I don’t think Charlie likes McCain’s choice for VP.

  2. If this continues, Sarah will be sequestered again. I get the sense that the media is angry that the McCain campaign is keeping her away from them. If this continues, Sarah Palin will lose her “Britney Spears” power.

  3. I was going to say the same thing Cats! Charlie did everything but say, “Tell the truth, you know that you aren’t presidential material, don’t you?” And Palin sounds completly scripted. I simply do not believe that she has an understanding of the complexities of world affairs, nor any kind of diplomatic sophistication.

  4. Nookyooler Nellie is both stupid and dangerous. We’ve had 8 years of that. Enough!

    She may not know the Bush doctrine but she’d be starting wars right and left.

    Falin has been isolated in Alaska not paying attention to national and international issues. She probably doesn’t even have a TV or internet access in Wasilla. She’s like her senator Ted Stevens – she thinks the internet is a series of tubes.

  5. But she is qualified because she can see Russia from Alaska.

    Here’s my answer to the offer of McCain – Palin for president:
    “Thanks but NO THANKS!”