Is McCain Palin’s Bitch? Hilarious video

This is one of the funniest videos I have ever seen on the internet.  Without giving anything away, I actually think this could have happened.

Thanks to Paul for directing me to this video from Lisa Nova. 

Warning:  Some may find the language offensive. 


4 responses to “Is McCain Palin’s Bitch? Hilarious video

  1. I know, I saw this on Loomisnews yesterday. It is fucking hilarious and so true!!!

  2. Can’t believe no one loves Traitor Joe Lieberman any more. Sarah Palin has truly stolen my thunder and now I can crawl back into my hole in the Connecticut woods.

  3. What a sad but true representation of the totally disrespectful self-serving attitudes and extremely offensive language that today plague our once great nation. Our freedom to chose to behave in such trashy ways makes us the laughing stock of the world. Is this the way of the Democratic Party? It seems that party is falling into that dark abyss as a strategy for communicating their “change” ideas in this election. As an American who cares deeply about what our country was built on and how, yes I’m greatly offended by this “humor” and can only hope that both party representatives can exemplify the self-control that so many in our country have lost, or never had in their character. And as an elementary educator, I’m appauled at the examples of “adult” behavior on the part of such politicians and their supporters that our children are subjected to and poisoned by as an “appropriate” was to behave and express themselves. It’s so easy to see where the children we work so hard to help get their behaviors. What will their future be like? We are responsible for leaving them a positive legacy through whatever type of work we do. We are the UNITED States. Let’s not confuse our precious children with relishing or taking pleasure in such poor examples of what that means.

  4. First of all, did you see the warning I provided in this post? It was put there to prevent viewing by those who are offended by such language. That is freedom of choice. You chose to view the video even though you knew it contained offensive language.

    I agree that we have lost our way in certain regards but I fear that you may be referring to censorship. I hope I am wrong in that assumption.
    Our humor isn’t what makes us a laughing stock. Many countries have more ‘adult’ humor than we do and look at us as an uptight country. They have nude beaches and are much more open about their sexuality.

    What makes us a laughing stock in the world is that we have twice voted for a president who can not put together a coherent sentence to save his life. Foreign leaders can communicate (in English) better than President Bush and English is not their primary language.

    Our president has done a terrible job running this country and we still re-elected him. That’s a laughing stock. We are seriously considering electing a person who is running on the same failed policies as Bush. That’s a laughing stock.

    Getting to offensive language: Are you offended by your candidate (McCain) referring to his wife as a ‘c$%#’?
    Were you offended by McCain laughing at the question directed to him at a town hall meeting – ‘How do we stop the b$@#%?’. The person asking McCain was referring to Hillary Clinton.
    Were you offended when John McCain made a bad joke about a woman getting raped by a gorilla – and liking it?
    What about when he made an offensive joke about Chelsea Clinton’s appearance. It occurred when President Clinton was in the White House and Chelsea was a minor.

    What you saw here, was mockery and humor. Show me the humor in what McCain said.

    You also mentioned that you are offended by ‘adult’ behavior by the politicians. I assume you don’t mean the extra-marital affairs McCain has had – including the one with his second wife while still married to the first.

    We as parents and teachers must be the role models for our children. We can not rely nor expect our politicians, athletes or celebrities to do this.