Fight Back Obama

By:  Traitor Joe Hater – A My 2 Buck$ Contributor

I think we need to quit blaming Sarah Palin and quit blaming the media.  Obama had a golden opportunity today to seize the offensive and he blew it.  During the press conference criticizing Bush’s weak pullout plan of Iraq and McCain’s endorsement of this failure, Obama was lobbed a softball by the press – McCain and Palin say they are the agents of Change, they’ve co-opted your message, how can you let them get away with that (I’m paraphrasing.)

Obama SHOULD HAVE SAID:  Their message is fraudulent, we are the agents of change. How can you vote with Bush 95% of the time and call yourselves change agents?  It’s a LIE.  The media needs to quit being stenographers and do your homework. McCain is a Republican and he supports a Republican president that has lost jobs, hurt the economy, stuck us in a war for 6 years with no end in sight, watched the price of gas double and put thousands of people out of their homes. Of course American needs change, the change from the Republicans to the Obama-Biden presidency.

Instead he said: Well, uh, you know, they were talking a few months ago, uh, about experience, and uh, now that message hasn’t resonated and uh, we were always talking about change. So uh, that’s a debate we’re willing to have. I think the American people, uh, will get it and they uh, know the difference.

WHAT THE @$%!!??  These weak-kneed responses won’t work.  This is an electorate with a 2-second attention span. Obama has the microphone. Obama has the stage. Obama has the message. Obama has the right message. If he can’t deliver the winning message running against a weak candidate tied to the weakest President in history, he deserves to lose.

FIGHT BACK!  The Kerry-Gore prayer that “Americans will get it” and choose the candidate that best represents them rather than the Republicans who represent the 2% wealthiest Americans and big business won’t work. 

FIGHT BACK or lose.  That’s the only choice.


7 responses to “Fight Back Obama

  1. airborneranger

    Pulling out of Iraq for what? We are winning and you on the left want to hand a victory to the extremists. I have yet to understand this treachery. We have men and women on the field of battle and your side is continuously undermining their efforts. This has been Obama’s flagship issue and he’s been proven wrong. He doesn’t even want to talk about it anymore or admit he was wrong.

    BTW, Bill Clinton Incorporated Bush’s message an won the Presidency. So this isn’t new territory

  2. airborneranger

    Buy the way Buck, all this leftist dribble is proof positive that you people are scared and will do anything to gain power. To include being incredibly petty. It’s almost funny.

  3. Ranger:

    Are you a veteran? Or is that just your name that you chose? How are we winning Iraq at $12 billion a month after 6 years? Winning from whom, the Shias or the Sunnis? Are we in power or just an occupying force? Should we stay there another 6 years? What exactly are we winning? I’m guessing you are not a veteran and you may not be employed either because you have so much time to email on this site and probably a dozen others. Why do you suppose more enlisted men and women are voting for Obama than McCain? Maybe they are tired after four and five deployments with no end in sight and constantly changing goals. How’s the fight going in Afghanistan, did we catch the man behind 9-11? Oh we didn’t? Maybe you think we did and any day we’re going to find the WMD or any evidence of the “imminent threat” from a “dirty bomb” about to be launched from Iraq all the way to the U.S. The only thing funny about you is that 6 years later, you still believe the Right Wing lies. Even most right wingers don’t believe it any more. Come to think of it, you aren’t funny. Just sad.


  4. And here’s the latest from McCain. He’s really sunk into the toilet on this one. Obama as the big scary black man to frighten the white people. He should go down for this alone:

  5. I saw that on your site. Amazing. Lower than low.

  6. Thanks for posting this. There’s needs to be a Youtube with this message that we can make viral.

    Ranger – things are going so well for our troops that the number of suicides of Iraqi veterans has now exceeded the national number. Now, get your butt over because we have less troops and the Bush/McCain war guys need every warm body over their to fight their war. Well, actually, it’s Bush’s war. McCain is still fighting the Vietnam war.