The Democrats vetted Sarah Palin during her 2006 Alaska Gubernatorial run

We were all stunned by the selection of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate. There have been tons of questions and ‘scandals’ that have come out in the last 10 days. The biggest question has been – DIDN’T THE REPUBLICANS VET PALIN?

Honestly, you really have to wonder. What we do know, is this is the biggest display of political pandering ever seen. But it seems to be working. The religious right appears to be charged up by this selection and the right wing parrots and their lemmings have begun rolling out their talking points. McCain has also received the Palin bump and passed Obama in the meaningless national polls. still has Obama in the lead for electoral votes, but expects a temporary push toward McCain thanks to the convention and the Palin selection.

So the question is, where does Sarah Palin really stand on the issues?

Back in 2006, after Palin defeated the incumbent Republican governor, the Democrats put together a research report on Palin.

Thanks to Cats r Flyfishn at Pennsylvania for Change for passing this along.

I have spent the last couple of days reading and researching the report and I’ll tell you, I disagree with many of her positions and there are some that I happen to agree with. The problem with Palin is that on the issues where we differ, I vehemently disagree with her. Her positions on social issues are so extreme that they are scary.

I highly recommend this read, though it is quite lengthy. We knew very little about Sarah Palin before last week and this report really enlightens as well as informs.

Read full Research Report here


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