And You Thought Obama and McCain had Pastor Problems – You ain’t seen nothing yet

Sarah Palin belongs to a church in Wasilla that, frankly, scares the crap out of me. She belongs to the Wasilla Assembly of God and I have posted 3 short clips from her church to show what we are dealing with.

This one is a CNN Report that shows a promotion video for the youth ministry program as well as a few words from both Sarah Palin and her pastor.

Here Palin addresses her church and says that the pipeline and the Iraq War are both ‘Tasks from God.’

In this third video, Palin tells her ‘people’ that they need to make sure that all Alaskans are ‘right with God.’

This is part of the make-up of Sarah Palin and we need to all be made aware of what type of person could become the vice president.


12 responses to “And You Thought Obama and McCain had Pastor Problems – You ain’t seen nothing yet

  1. Great post. I will read your posts frequently. Added you to the RSS reader.

  2. airborneranger

    The Reverend Jeremiah Wright of the Trinity Baptist Church scare me much more.

  3. You are actually scared more of Obama’s former pastor than of the things Palin actually said in her church?
    If I heard Obama actually say these things, then I’d be scared. Palin actually said these things.

    And this deserves at least as much air play and conversation as Wright did.

  4. airborneranger

    Can anyone tell me what is a community organizer? Who employees community organizer? Do they make much money?

  5. airborneranger

    Buck, Obama was a member of that church for well over 20 years, was familiar with the message, and made money by his association with them.. He appointed Wright to his election staff. At first Obama actually made excuses for Wright, claiming his years involved in the civil rights struggles gave him the right to be hateful, racists, and bigoted. Only after his advisers straighten him out did Obama condemn Wright.

  6. airborneranger

    Pacer, the appeal of Palin is that she represents the everyday women. Not the prima donnas (Clinton?), the entertainment divas ( Oprah), the misinformed (The View).. She has the same type of life and struggles as many women do and has shown that she is up for the challenge. That image will be hard to tarnish because it is what she is. That scares the dickens out of the Democrats.

  7. Thanks, Jamie.
    Sorry about the delay in approving your comment. I found it in the spam filter.

  8. Air,
    You don’t know what a community organizer does? Palin doesn’t know what a vice president does.

    A community organizer usually does work within a community. The definition is much broader than that though. Someone who organizes an effort to get people registered to vote can be called a community organizer. Quite often it is found in lower to middle-class areas.
    In Obama’s case, he worked for a church based organization that helped lower income people get job training, college preparation and tenant’s rights. His project was so successful that he grew the organization from a staff of 1 to 13 and increased the budget by more than 5 times.
    Many are paid very little and quite a bit less than they would if they took a job in the private sector.
    If you speak to the people at your church, you will find out that they are held in high regard because what they do is so selfless.
    I’m guessing though, you really didn’t want to know the answer but rather thinking of the Palin and Giuliani jokes at your convention.

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  10. If you got tricked into voting for Bush- you’re probably going to vote for McCain/Palin.

    Canada here I come.

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