Jon Stewart best examines Republican hypocrisy

The Daily Show is in St. Paul for the Republican convention. In this segment Jon Stewart does what he does best – play clips of Republicans and the media as they contradict themselves.

Every Republican needs to see video like this.

In this segment Stewart looks at:

Karl Rove on Sarah Palin’s experience.

Bill O’Reilly on Bristol Palin’s pregnancy and the privacy it deserves

Dick Morris (is that his name or nickname?) on Palin and sexism.

Nancy Pfotenhaur (McCain’s senior policy advisor) on the Gender card.

Sarah Palin on women in politics

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17 responses to “Jon Stewart best examines Republican hypocrisy

  1. This was one of the best moments Stewart had on The Daily Show ever. I have never laughed so hard last night when I saw this. My only hope that more people become away how the double standards the Republican Party are playing.

  2. This segment was great. Every time I see a segment showing hypocrisy, I plan on posting it.
    The Senators Foghorn Leghorn (Fred Thompson) and Droppy Dog (Joe Lieberman) was hilarious.

  3. Truely another classic Stewart segment.

  4. I just saw that Bruce. Congrats!
    The facts are getting out!

  5. It’s funny how on a sketch news show like The Daily Show I get more facts than Fox News.


  6. Found this research document that the Democrats used in 2006 against Palin.

  7. Congratulations to making it to the “big time”. I feel honored to know both you and Bruce and Suzie-Q.

  8. This document is great. It’s 63 pages!!! I’ll try to read it this weekend. Thanks for passing this along, Cats.

    Thanks for the congrats. 🙂
    I’ll tell you, it’s weird seeing yourself sourced on websites that you have read for years. Kos had a post about the letter and sourced me. (I’m absolutely giddy)

    It’s hard to believe this whole thing (us vetting Palin) started 1 week ago. Look at how much we know in 1 week.

  9. Oh dear, this was hysterical. I’m going to have to put this on my site as well. Thanks so much for posting this!! :mrgreen:

  10. I was laughing my ass off, but at the same time my stomach was churning. My husband sent me this link, after I sent him the link to the letter about Palin. Why is the Daily Show the only one that seems to expose the hypocrisy of Carl Rove et. al.? Too bad the people who watch Fox all day long never bother to watch Jon Stewart. The next time I go to the doctor’s office and see Fox blaring from the tv, I’m going to complain that it offends me.

  11. The Daily Show and Countdown are the only programs that I have ever seen that show the hypocrisy of politicians by playing clips then and now. If all the news networks would do this, maybe they would finally stop contradicting themselves.

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  13. airborneranger

    Rove doesn’t work for the McCain- Palin campaign. He works for Fox news. His comments don’t reflect the views of either of the Republican candidates any more then Stewart’s comments reflect on Democrat views.

  14. airborneranger

    Buck, you get your information from a comedy show and Olbermann’s hate show. Enough said.

  15. Air,
    Your first dozen comments you left here over the last 14 hours were fine but now you’re just wasting our time. You must really enjoy this site since you’ve spent so much time hanging out here. But some of your comments make no sense.

    Yes, I do watch The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and Countdown with Keith Olbermann. I also read the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Drudge, BuzzFlash, HuffPo, etc.

    Clearly you only listen to Rush and Hannity (talk about hate) and watch Fox Noise. Rove is on the payroll of Fox News (fair and balanced?).
    I also listened to Rush Limbaugh through most of the Bush HW years and the Clinton years and watched Fox News from 1999 – 2004. Yet, somehow, I can think for myself.

    And my Repub troll, it is ‘Democratic views.’

  16. Air,
    Nice try about Rove. From today’s The Hill:
    “Eight years after S.C., Karl Rove works with Sen. McCain’s camp”

    He also contributed to the McCain campaign and picks up a paycheck from Fox News.