The Sarah Palin selection – climbing into McCain’s brain.

John McCain is throwing a temper tantrum. Last week, the rumors were that he told the GOP he wanted Joe Lieberman as his running mate. He may have even promised his good friend the job. He determined that this would bring in a good number of Independents and Democrats and he wouldn’t need the Christian right. They wouldn’t vote for Obama anyway.

The GOP obviously rejected the idea of a former member of the ‘Democrat’ Party running on the Republican ticket, so they threw the name of Tim Pawlenty out for him.

Then, in a fit of rage, he selected Sarah Palin because he’d make sure that the party leaders would be furious.

Four days of vetting later, this pick looks worse than it did on day one. (And it looked pretty bad last Friday.)

McCain probably assumes that within the month, Palin would have to drop out for one of a myriad of reasons as the media and Democrats do their vetting. I’m betting that they’re going to say it is for the sake of their daughter Bristol. The attention she is getting from the horrible and mean-spirited media and ‘Democrat’ Party made it unbearable as good, decent, Christian parents to continue in the race. So regrettably, she will withdraw.

At the last minute, when McCain would have the GOP in a desperate state, they’d agree with a Lieberman selection figuring that he’d get those moderates voters. Maybe he’d even get the religious right since he at least attempted to reach out to them with the Palin pick and as a consolation would promise conservative Supreme Court justice selections and maybe a Conservative Christian in his cabinet.

There would be ‘joy in McCain-ville.’


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  2. I understand – I’m feeling it too.
    I see how many comments you’re getting – amazing.

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  4. Since McCain’s military service is such an important part of why he should be President, why shouldn’t we vote for Field Marshall Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst Paulus since he had a glorious military record, fought the Soviet communists at Stalingrad and was also a prisoner of war for 14 years?

  5. On all the blogs, discussions worldwide, referencing McCain, it was always noted that just before the elections….he will loose his cool, either on the debate floor, in attack ads or the media…… The debates are closing in. This will be very telling of his temperament, character, values and most of all his bad judgement and lack of knowledge of foreign policy.

    His explosive, violant anger has been a problem since childhood, not the POW years, although some events (not as he describes) probably did traumatize him, but this is not the voters problem. It is his responsibility. As with Palin, the blogs have mentioned Cheney, Rove, Gingrich and others being involved in this decision from it’s conception last year. With Cheney being the headmaster of the plan.

    The blogs have revealed close associates of Palin received phonecalls from the WH in January of 2008. Is this a fact that can be investigated? Phonecalls mention Cheney calling Palin (Palin’s loose lips) and advising / requesting her participation for V.P. pick. Sarah Palin advised associate’s that her phonecalls with Cheney were intructive, informative, coaching Palin, secret meetings to take place and he would let her know. Associates said she told them she was the pick, at that time to run against Hillary’s V.P. Pick assuming she was the nominee, and they were sure she would be.

    Obama apparently surprised them (the WH and RNC), and all they could do was wait and cause destruction to Obama so Hillary Clinton could win. They had a file on Hillary that would blast her out of the campaign. Talking points always given to Fox News as part of the ‘team of destruction”. They knew McCain has nothing but his POW status. Nothing that could genuinly compete with Obama.

    Campaign finance reform was to build back his character after the “Keating Five” scandal. Immigration proposed once… him…never again. In 26 yrs. what has this man accomplished other than do business with lobbyists like Don Diamond. He’s no maverick either. He’s just an angry old, selfish, arrogant man. It’s a shame but that is how I see it and he lies so often he’s thrown away the small amount of credibility he had.

    When elections happen like this one, and if the WH and Dick Cheney is involved (I believe totally they are) along with other close associates to do harm to the voting process, that is not American. That is not democracy. How shameful all of them are standing up there lying to the American voter in this convention, or at anytime. Money, power, greed….Enough!!!

  6. Reading this over I goofed….Sarah Palin the only one getting the calls from WH. Thankyou