17-year old Daughter of Sarah Palin is PREGNANT?

The rumors age true. Sarah Palin is going to be a grandmother. Seventeen year old Bristol Palin is about 5 months pregnant and will keep the baby and marry the father.

Will the religious right, who have embraced Palin as this ‘family values’ amazing woman, find this to be a beautiful moment that this 17-year old has decided to keep the baby rather than have an abortion?

Or will they be offended by this because an unmarried minor had sex? What kind of mother would allow that type of behavior to go on? To think, she was governor at the time. If she had been a stay at home mom, as God intended, would this baby be having a baby?

The Palins and Republicans decided to announce this after what they called ‘smear rumors’ were on the internet. Smear rumors? Questions were raised on the internet as to whether the woman McCain selected as his running mate had a 17 year old daughter who was pregnant. AND THE RUMORS WERE TRUE. Where is the smear?

To answer the key question: Yes, John McCain knew that Bristol was pregnant and he still selected her mom. He was told during the call last week when she was selected as the running mate. (Shouldn’t this have come out in the vetting process?)

Let’s see how the Republicans spin this so Palin and her family can have their privacy and reject any discussion on the matter.

“Life happens in families,” Steve Schmidt, from the McCain campaign, told reporters crowding around him in the basement of the arena where the Republican National Convention is opening today. “If people try to politicize this, the American people would be appalled by it.”

“The children deserve to be left alone,” Schmidt said. “Her daughter has made a decision to have this child. She’ll get married. Like any young couple with a child, it’s hard….

“She’s proud of her family and she loves her daughter”

Of course she is and of course she does. But that still doesn’t explain WHY SHE WASN’T VETTED!

And how will the McCain campaign pull the typical faux outrage? When asked whether this pregnancy will have any affect on Palin as a running mate:

“I think your question is offensive,” Schmidt said to a reporter asking the question. “It’s a private family matter. The notion that that would bear on her capacity to be vice president is demeaning. I don’t think you would ask that question if she was a man.”

If Joe Biden had a 17 year old daughter and she was pregnant and single, how would the Republicans and the Christian Coalition react to this? Do we really need to answer?

Some of the on-line rumors suggested that Trig was in fact Bristol’s son and Sarah was saying that she was the mother.

Look, I’m not judging with any of this. What gets me is that if this was happening to a person on the Democratic ticket, the Republicans would be jumping on this repeatedly. The Republican hypocrisy of don’t judge us but we can judge you has reached its limit with me.

More vetting:

Todd Palin, husband of Sarah, had been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol 24 years ago.

[Story in Swamp Politics]

[Story from Yahoo]


13 responses to “17-year old Daughter of Sarah Palin is PREGNANT?

  1. 2bucks – all this information about Sarah Palin is incredible.

    It reeks of hypocrisy by the republicans. The republicans are anti-gay but several of their male anti-gay supporters are lusting after and sleeping with men.

    Palin is against a woman’s right to choose, she’s against educating young people about protection against STDs (Alaska has a HIGH ratio of teenagers with STD) and using birth control, she supports abstinence but her 17 year old daughter is having sex without protection and this is OK with Sarah Palin.

    McCain is covering up his embarrassment for not vetting Palin by saying he knew about Bristol’s pregnancy. When did he McCain find out? When he was having a deeply private in depth conversation with Sarah while she was at the Alaska State Fair last Sunday?

    McCain’s judgment is shot. It doesn’t exist. His decision making skills are fried.

    If he was aware that Bristol was pregnant why not choose someone else from the republican’s long list of candidates for VP?

    Why would Sarah Palin subject her daughter to this type of publicity?
    Each time Sarah Palin goes on stage she mentions her children – 4 month old Trig, son in the military, her daughters – she is using her children for her own fame. Not nice.

  2. If it was Obama’s daughter or Biden’s daughter, this would be a national outrage. If it’s the daughter of a Republican, it’s God’s will and a wonderful thing. Sarah Palin has great morals, as does her mentor, Sen. Ted Stevens.

  3. Paulette,
    You raised excellent points.
    The STD stats are incredible and then you see that they are about the most ‘conservative’ state in the country.

    Palin should withdraw right now, but can not because Republicans never admit a mistake. EVER!

    their hypocrisy is out of control.

  4. Traitor Joe,
    Absolutely agreed. Biden would have to resign from the Senate and hide in his home for a year.

    Where’s John Edwards? In hiding, but John McCain is running for president? Hypocrisy.

  5. obama is an inexperienced idiot and so are the people who vote for him he is going to fix the economy,he can,t even get his brother out of a mud hut in kenya. 143 days in the senate, what is that four months wow! before that he was a city organizer,thats eqivelent to a walmart greeter,everyones worried about sarah palins experience as vp,I think america needs to come back from the trip its on.the sixtys and seventys are over. wake up people ,obamas not the one.

  6. Teedog,

    Right on! Sarah Palin has so much more experience as the mayor of that tiny burg where she raised taxes and fired the city staff who didn’t support her agenda. That, along with her time in the PTA, makes her well-qualified to take on Vladimir Putin of Russia and Chinese President Hu Jintao. Can you imagine how much fear she will instill in them with her love of guns and ability to shoot a moose? And how threatened they will feel when she tells them she’s not sure what a Vice President does or what’s happening in Iraq? Obama has no idea what’s going on with the U.S. economy at all! He’s been traveling the country meeting with ordinary folks and CEOs in all 50 states while being a U.S. Senator and running for president, which is nothing compared to governing an important state of Alaska. Thank you for posting and giving us your informed comments and brilliant wisdom.


  7. Well said T. Joe. I couldn’t have put it better myself. 🙂

  8. teedog – you are an idiot like you fellow believers. You know that if the tables were turned that you would be jumping all over Obama/Biden. I don’t understand you guys, its as if you only hear one side of the story? Is being a stupid hick a requirement for voting for the McSame ticket. If Sarah is so pro-life, I wish someone would start leaving all the unwanted, unloved, abused crack babies at her doorstep to take care of them, then I bet she’ll change her tune.

    Face it Bubba, the days of “having a beer with the Idiot leader of the free world” are over. I hope to put a SMART person in the White House this time. Oh, and I love the fact that you sheep think that because Palin LIVES close to Russia she is experienced in foreign policy, (Quote from FOX and CINDY MCSAME).

    Guess when you are rich and your face has been pulled back so much you can’t see, you also don’t see that you’re on a losing ticket.

    Obama/Biden are gentleman that won’t take advantage of this sitution, but I have no problem saying that Palin should have been talking with her daughter about sex and that it could lead to pregnancy instead of denying she could ever be sexually active. McSame and crew are a bunch of morons hell-bent to destroy what is left of our beautiful America, anyone who votes for them is even MORE of an IDIOT!!!!

    McSame, go back to one of your homes and play checkers and drink warm milk, leave running the country to someone else.

  9. I do not know the laws of Alaska, but here in California when you have sex with an individual that is under 18, that is considered statutory rape. Why is no one talking about the raping of this young girl? Where are the true women liberals?

  10. John,

    You raise a great question. I guess, by suggesting that the father will be marrying Bristol, that makes everything all right.

    No question if this was a Democratic candidate’s child – the media would be hunting down the father rather than just posting his myspace pictures on the internet.

  11. eastside resident

    Well folks, time to pack our bags and move to Iceland.

  12. i’m not so sure you get the point, this country is still running , much better than any other. and for the most part ran by the republicans. think about trying to run this whole country as just 1 man, as Bush has done. without any kind of help, and all kinds of hindrence from the dems. who’s only , and I mean ONLY agenda is to screw with the republicans. also what about Obama is he tied in any way to Islam, as he stated he will visit all 57 states. [ of Islam }?

  13. Jim, I can’t let your comment go without a response. It reeks with ignorance or misinformation spewed from your fair and balanced right wing information sources – fox News, Rush, Savage, Coulter, Drudge, etc.

    Yeah, this country is running very well, Jim. We’re trillions in debt – owed to your party’s pals the Saudis as well as the Chinese after having a surplus January, 2001. We’re fighting 2 wars – the war on terror and the Iraq war (which we had no business fighting). People are out of work and jobs are going overseas.

    Millions of Americans have no health insurance or limit coverage so 1 catastrophic illness could bankrupt them. Name another modernized country that can say that?

    Our education system’s ranking in the world is rapidly declining. Bush won’t fund stem-cell research so our medical advancements are limited – even though many Republicans support this.

    People are losing their homes, the dollar is weakening and the price of gas and goods are soaring. Corporations are making record profits and individual Americans are seeing their purchasing power fall.

    Your party knocks community organizers but these are noble people who take a lower paying job to help those in need in a community rather than taking a higher paying job in the corporate world. And you call Obama elite.

    This country is still running but I would not say much better than any other.
    Bush hasn’t gotten any help? He has Rove, Cheney, the rest of the cronies, Fox News, Congress (for 6 years you had the majority) and the media which likes using fear to sell all of his policies.

    And the hindrance you refer to – the Senate Republicans have filibustered more times this session than at any other point in our nation’s history. Remember when your party threatened the nuclear option? Maybe the Democrats should have let that happen because the Republicans in the Senate have been a total disgrace this session.

    And your Obama comment proves just how ridiculous the talking points are. Is Obama an angry Christian or is he a Muslim?