Ted Stevens endorsed Sarah Palin for Gov. in ad [Video]

The endorsement you wouldn’t want to have. Corrupt and indicted Alaska Senator Ted Stevens endorses the John McCain’s choice for VP in this 2006 ad when Palin was running for Governor.

The announcer concludes here that the ad was ‘frugally paid for …’. The cost of this ad was $350,000. Is that frugal?

Script of “Senator Stevens” (TV)

TED STEVENS: We have a state that needs new management.

(Text on screen: Senator Stevens Speaks About New Leadership)

These two people represent a new generation. And they represent a new vision, new energy. They represent the kind of people who ought to come along and take our places.

And that needs a new agenda for all of us to get behind. Think of this: When you go to vote, don’t go to vote alone.

And you’ll help Sarah become the next governor of Alaska, which we all want to see.

ANNOUNCER: Frugally paid for by Palin Parnell, new energy for Alaska. 245 W. 5th, 99501.

(Text on screen: Co-Chairs Wayne A. Ross, Walter J. Hickel)


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