And the winner is . . . Monty Python’s Michael Palin

I mean Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. She’s a mere 28 years younger than John McCain. So, what does her selection as VP mean?
Palin is 44 years old. She’s considered a maverick in her first term as governor. CNN reports that she is a political outsider. Of course she is – she’s 44 and only served as a mayor and council member in a small Alaskan town. Besides, how much more of a political outsider can you be than Alaska?

I like how this is playing out. Barack Obama is being painted as young and inexperienced so he brings in an older, experienced Joe Biden to balance the ticket. Obama took his perceived weakness and brought in someone who is strong in those areas. A well thought out calculated move.

Palin’s Alaskan Constituents

Palin’s constituents

Meanwhile, McCain is perceived to be OLD! Okay, he is OLD! He is being painted as someone who is forgetful and may not make it the full 4 years. So he brings in a running mate who is young. So her inexperience becomes a factor when people realize that she could be the president within 4 years.

Alaska is a small state with a diverse group of constituents (seen here). She treats these constituents exactly as one would expect a Republican politician to.

Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin

Palin's role as VP

For McCain, this is a move with pander written all over it. Could Palin be anymore than a Republican pawn here?

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Then again, there is another benefit to having her on the ticket:

Her youth will also come in handy as she can stay awake in meetings.


3 responses to “And the winner is . . . Monty Python’s Michael Palin

  1. unsignedmasterpiece

    I don’t know why he thinks a death penalty supporting, pro-life(?) candidate will help him. People are going to look past the fact that she is young and female. They’ll look at her track record.

  2. I wish it was Michael Palin …he knows how to have an argument! 🙂

  3. You forecasted this very well kiddo.