The 3 Best Days of 2 Weeks of Conventions

During the course of 3 days, the political diehards are going to have plenty to chew on. Two weeks of conventions will provide an exorbitant amount of minutiae for us to debate but these 3 days will be the best.

Today we have former President Bill Clinton who was given the task of speaking about national security when he wanted to speak about the economy. Rumor has it that he will weave in his economic message into his speech.

Clinton has not been the greatest surrogate – not for his wife, as he repeatedly put his foot in his mouth and not for Obama where he has indicated that Obama wasn’t ready to lead and had also made another boneheaded statement the other day.

“Suppose you’re a voter, and you’ve got candidate X and candidate Y. Candidate X agrees with you on everything, but you don’t think that candidate can deliver on anything at all. Candidate Y you agree with on about half the issues, but he can deliver. Which candidate are you going to vote for?” Bill Clinton

Bill, Bill, Bill. He did correct himself by saying that he wasn’t referring to this election. Nice save.

At the same time, Bill Clinton has been an incredible speaker – especially when it was a prepared speech. If he stays on message, this truly can be a great speech and a great 1-2 punch with Hillary’s awesome speech last night. Then again, it will be fun to watch.

* * * *

It’s Nomination Day! Barack Obama gets nominated and can drop the word presumed from in front of his current title. Today, he becomes the Democratic Nominee for President of the United States.

All eyes will be on how they handle the roll call for Hillary Clinton’s delegates. Since the PUMAs high-tailed it out of Denver, we shouldn’t have to worry about them tonight.

If you can use a big laugh (and who couldn’t), Bruce from the bruce blog has a hilarious post today on the PUMAs. [Click here to read his post].

* * * *

Tonight, the night belongs to Joe Biden. After 2 attempts at the presidential prize – the first 20 years ago – Biden will accept the Democratic Party’s nomination as Vice President. The man is a sound bite machine. I am highly looking forward to seeing him speak tonight.

* * * *

Not to sound negative, but who scheduled all those speakers between Clinton and Biden? There are some everyday people in there – and I actually like some of their stories. We also have John Kerry, Bill Richardson and tonight we all find out who Chet Edwards is. He was mentioned as a late VP possibility when it was leaked that Evan Bayh and Tim Kaine were out of the running.

* * * *

So far, it seems that the DNC is keeping a lid on the festivities for tomorrow except that INVESCO Field will host Barack Obama’s acceptance speech. Seventy-five thousand people will watch Obama give the speech of a lifetime. Get your TiVo’s ready.

* * * *

On Friday, John McCain turns SEVENTY-TWO. 72! Good lord, he’s 72!

And for his grand festivities, McCain is scheduled to announce his VP choice. Mitt Romney? Rudy 911-iani? Traitor Joe Lieberman? Tim Pawlenty? Donald Rumsfeld? Karl Rove? Jeb Bush? Charlie Crist? Bobby Jindal? Mike Huckabee? How about Fred Thompson for good measure?

As long as McCain doesn’t have cake while Hurricane Gustav is coming ashore along the Gulf of Mexico . . .

Bush and McBush share a cake

Bush and McBush share a cake


4 responses to “The 3 Best Days of 2 Weeks of Conventions

  1. Hillary did a great job! I’m watching the roll call right now in which she’s expected to appear any moment with the New York vote.

    It is an exciting convention. More great speeches to come tonite.

    And thanks for pointing people to my post. That’s very nice of you!

  2. I’m watching this as well. This has been very enjoyable.

    It would have been great to be there.

    You’re welcome. Your PUMA posts are great.

  3. The Jolly Roger over at the Reconstitution has something special planned for McCain’s birthday on Friday. I’m going to make sure I check it.

  4. Cats,
    Is that site linked on your blogroll? I’ll make a point to get over there.