Hurricane Gustav May Hit US Coast During GOP Convention

I’ve been blogging about Tropical Storm Fay and now Hurricane Gustav but have you noticed the current projection map . . . and the timing?

Come Monday, a category 3 Hurricane Gustav should be somewhere in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.  It should be bearing down on the Texas or Louisiana coast.  And the oil rigs in the gulf will be in harm’s way.  

Also scheduled for Monday – The Republican National Convention in the Twin Cities.  We’ll all be watching, except for the cities that will be glued to the approaching hurricane. 

Somewhere between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning, the storm should be barreling into the U.S. shoreline.  If power is lost in that region, there will be a decent number of Americans in Red States who will not be able to see the VP candidate speak on Wednesday or McCain speak on Thursday.   And when do Bush and Cheney speak?

As I have said, I live in Hurricane Alley and blog about the storms.  They are to be taken seriously because you never know what to expect. 

The irony here is that the Republican Party has a strong history of treating Americans in hurricane ravaged areas really poorly.  (Actually it is all disaster ravaged areas.)  So, their convention – where they can expect a huge bump in the polls – will run face-to-face with a strong Hurricane Gustav. 

How will the GOP respond to the areas hit by this storm?

Will McCain vow to actually respond to hurricane victims if he is elected president? 

Will his thoughts and prayers be with the victims and families?

How can they talk about offshore drilling when the offshore rigs are vulnerable to these storms?

Who will the GOP blame?

How will they determine that Barack Obama caused this?

Personally, I’d prefer it if this storm fizzles out and the GOP convention were to go off without a hitch.  America needs to see what an angry, bitter, mean and selfish group of people these Republican leaders are.


6 responses to “Hurricane Gustav May Hit US Coast During GOP Convention

  1. Since you follow these storms closely, I thought you might be interested in the diary from the DailyKos.

    There is a possibility that Gustav will hit New Orleans and the pumps aren’t working and if that happens, the folks in New Orleans are going to need more than “thoughts and prayers”. Thanks for keeping track of the storms.

  2. Thanks, Cats.
    I’m heading over to DailyKos now. Thanks for the heads up.
    I read this morning that they are already beginning to evacuate New Orleans. It is very frightening.

    And a new storm is out in the Atlantic and the models indicate that it will be bearing down on Florida next week.

    The Republicans picked a bad week to hold a convention.

  3. Paula Hanninen

    I live in Minneapolis, and I’ve volunteered in New Orleans after the hurricanes. I pray they will be spared. I don’t know if they could take another hit.
    I am surprised to see you refer to the Republican leaders as angry, bitter, mean and selfish. As a Republican this is they way I view Democrats. I kind of look at it the same way as being a Mom ~ I’m doing more for my children by teaching them to do for themselves than by always doing for them ~ even if it means tough love. I think it’s because of this they are both successful, caring and generous adults. I see the Dems as being enablers and not doing enough to get people on their feet to be responsible for their lives.

  4. Paula,
    First of all, thank you for taking the time to comment. I have raised my children as you have raised yours. I have one that is a senior and has already received a scholarship and has been accepted to 1 college. She is still applying to more.
    My son is a junior. Both have excellent grades; have jobs, volunteer in the community and so on.
    You and I are the lucky ones. We were able to provide these things for our families. And we have taught them well. Parenting is, without a doubt, the most difficult job I know – if you take it seriously as you and I both do.

    You used one word that allowed me to understand why you see Democrats as the problem. That word is ‘enablers’. These are part of the Republican talking points in order to drive a wedge between our two parties. To paint Democrats as secular, appeasers, enablers, unpatriotic, weak, etc will mean you will never want to be associated with them, let alone vote for them. That means you get the bulk of your news from Fox News (television or radio shows), Rush Limbaugh, maybe even Mike Savage.

    The truth is: we, as a nation, are only as strong as our weakest. So we must work together to lift them up.
    You volunteered in New Orleans which is commendable. So you believe in that approach. You must also know that many people don’t have the ability to help themselves – not without assistance. All they have known is tough.
    What about children with special needs, the elderly, the sick, the disabled?

    What do the Democrats want?
    A better education system so we can compete more effectively with China and India.
    Affordable healthcare for all Americans so we don’t have to worry about losing everything we have worked for because of 1 catastrophic illness.
    A strong infrastructure (roads, bridges, transit) which creates jobs right here in this country.
    War for the right reasons – Iraq was clearly wrong. Afghanistan was right as we were defending ourselves. Iran will be wrong as well.
    A strong military – though the Republicans would have you believe otherwise, which is basically accusing the Democrats of treason.
    A better life for our children than we had. For many lower and middle class people this is no longer the case.
    A good, clean environment and alternative energy so we can get off of our dependence of foreign oil. The Republicans keep pushing offshore drilling which sounds nice but will not reduce the price of oil for anywhere from 10-18 years. Trust me on this one – I have fully researched this and have posted about it.
    Republicans, on the other hand, have been about making more money for corporate interests at the expense of the people. They have used fear as a method to sway public opinion and get legislation through that works against the voters best interests.
    To get started, here are some very good on-line sites to get more information:,,,

  5. Paula Hanninen

    You are awesome. Thanks for your thoughts, as well as facts. One thing you said, “we are only as strong as our weakest”….. very profound. I hope to see this country unite, regardless of the party. I actually associate with many Dems….. we choose to disagree. I actually agree with many aspects of both parties as well as disagree. I am more of a moderate, actually, and right now the Democratic party seems more left than ever before……. Nevertheless, I’ve enjoyed watching the convention and look forward to tonight. How can one not get caught up with a charasmatic man like Obama? I will look into the websites you suggested. Thank you. Paula

  6. Interesting given that it was the Republicans who at one point were planning to pray for stormy weather during the DNC…