When Did the Clinton Name Become Synonymous with Whining?

Wednesday night, Bill Clinton is scheduled to discuss national security (that evening’s theme.)  But the former president wants to talk about the economy.

It appears that he is being encouraged by those close to him to weave in some language about the economy in his national security speech. 

This is Bill’s first test to see if he can stay on message – for the Obama campaign.  We already know that he had a difficult time staying on message for Hillary.  And this behavior may be a major reason why Hillary wasn’t even considered as a running mate. 

The man is a loose cannon. 



From Politico:

A Wall Street Journal/NBC poll released last week made plain why Republicans are trying to play up divisions. According to the survey, 21 percent of Clinton supporters are supporting McCain and that another 27 percent are still holding out.


According to my math, we’re looking at 48% of the HillBots are not yet gathered around Barack Obama. 

Debra Bartoshevich is one of these PUMAs.

“I’m a proud Hillary Clinton Democrat.  She had the experience and judgment to be president. Now, in a first for me, I’m supporting a Republican, John McCain.”

“A lot of Democrats will vote McCain,” she said. “It’s okay, really!”

Back on June 6th, I posted HillBots to Vote for McBush.  Amazingly, I can just change the date and post it today.  You figure over the last 2½ months these PUMAs would have just gone home. 

My question in June still applies today.  It does sound like Bartoshevich is really a Republican.  Voting against your best interests is not too bright, especially when you look at the history of McBush.


3 responses to “When Did the Clinton Name Become Synonymous with Whining?

  1. I voted for Bill twice. But he’s got a HUGE ego.

  2. I did too and if Hillary was the nominee, I would have voted for her.

  3. The PUMAs and HilBots are really Republicans. This is the Republicans new “Swift boat” technique.