John McCain’s Housing Problem

John McCain told Americans that he didn’t know how many houses he owned.  Sad, especially when you think of what Americans are going through to keep a roof their heads. 

His economic advisor, Phil Gramm, is linked to the mortgage scandal.

Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden (I love saying that) was talking about how the American Dream has slipped away over the last 8 years under Bush and Americans now sit at their kitchen tables discussing the tough economic times. 

Biden said that it’s different for McCain.  “He’ll have to figure out which of the seven kitchen tables to sit at.”

Chan Lowe from the Sun-Sentinel hits the bulls-eye with this cartoon.


Just an aside: 

John McCain plays the POW card yet again. 

 “I spent some years without a kitchen table, without a chair, and I know what it’s like to be blessed by the opportunities of this great nation…So the fact is that we have homes, and I’m grateful for it.”

He does realize that this was 35 years ago and there are people today who do not have a kitchen table or a chair or a roof. 


3 responses to “John McCain’s Housing Problem

  1. Good cartoon. McCain talks about his blessing but he failed to mention all the children and adults that go to bed hungry in this nation each. He also failed to mention all the families that are now homeless because of his greed and the greed of his pal, Phil Graham.

  2. As Neil Young sang, “A greedy man never knows”.

  3. He could have failed to mention it because he doesn’t know about it. He is that out-of-touch.