McCain tries to reel in PUMA’s with new ad

Yesterday, John McCain released an ad that showed Joe Biden criticizing Barack Obama from one of the early primaries. Today, they released a plea to the HillBots – the PUMA’s should unite behind McCain because Hillary Clinton wasn’t selected as the running mate.

If these HillBots buy into this, they’re even more insane than previously thought. The pandering in this ad is even more obvious than the 2 ‘The One’ ads.

Is that the level McCain has sunk to – to attack Obama for the running mate he didn’t select? Should the Mike Huckabee supporters stay home or vote for the Democrats because Huckabee (who came in second) will be snubbed next week when McCain announces Mitt Romney, Tom Ridge, Tim Pawlenty or someone else as his running mate?

Hey John. I’m still waiting for you to discuss the issues.

Hey PUMA’s. This crap better be out of your systems by now because I am totally sick of it.

And if McCain is so sympathetic to the PUMA’s, then why doesn’t he select Clinton as his running mate?


7 responses to “McCain tries to reel in PUMA’s with new ad

  1. I know. I saw this. It’s disgusting. McCain has no shame.

  2. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, unless they prove me wrong, the PUMAs are paid members of McCain campaign. This Hillary attack ad is proof.

    The Republicans hate Hillary Clinton and they figure that by using Hillary in an attack Obama ad, they can both destroy Obama’s chance at the presidency and Hillary’s politica career. Not a bad idea, however, it won’t work.

    Hillary Clinton for Attorney General. She has many scores to settle 🙂

  3. I am watching the Marlins – Diamondbacks baseball game and I’m about to turn it off. McCain is at the game and they keep showing him.
    He has time to take in a ball game but didn’t show up to Congress for 4 months.

  4. Showing up in Congress would be work and no one can ever accuse a Republican of doing real work.

    My 2 $$
    Nice photo in your header. Is that a picture from someplace near where you live?

  5. It does appear to be that the PUMAs are just Republican shills.
    I think she’d be a great AG. Really great, in fact.

  6. You can email me with your answer. No need to my personal information public. Too many drooling trolls around.

  7. Republican – work – A real oxymoron. Or a moron – oxymoron.

    Thanks about the photo It’s from a bed and breakfast in Northern Virginia. When I need to get away from South Florida for a long weekend, it is the perfect place to go..