Why John McCain Better Not Win

Today, I woke up a pessimist.

I’ve made a decision. If John McCain wins this thing, I am through with American politics. The man who can not win on a single issue – the man who has absolutely no charisma – the man who has displayed no honor or character actually has a chance of winning this election despite the fact that this is overwhelmingly a Democratic year. This tells me that the negative campaigning actually works and I am truly out of touch when it comes to American politics. ISSUES DO NOT MATTER!

McCain has not demonstrated or said anything that tells me that he has any fundamental understanding of what is necessary to really be president.  He offers vague proclamations presented in a sound bite format.  He tries to be cute with the press in an attempt to gain favorable coverage and if he doesn’t receive it, he gets combative.  He changes his positions to fit the moment and continually smears and attacks Obama.

I was excited about this election because I thought we were finally rid of Bush and the next president would not be like the current one.  The Democrats offered a field where even the worst candidate (counting Mike Gravel) was miles above the best Republican candidate. 

Then Hillary Clinton started campaigning like a Republican, using Rovian tactics, trashing Obama every step of the way.  John Edwards (the candidate I supported) turned out to be just another lying scum who couldn’t keep it in his pants. 

When McCain won the nomination, I figured he’d run a respectable campaign after the way Bush smeared him in 2000.  He even said as much.  Instead McCain (the candidate I supported – regrettably – in 2000) morphed into George W. Bush. 

When I listen to people explain their reasons for supporting McBush, I hear the Republican talking points:  I don’t trust Obama, tax and spend liberal, anti-American, elitist, etc. 

They never say:  I like McCain because …   Never.  They support McCain because they’ve been programmed to dislike Obama.  (I won’t even get started on racism.)

With Obama, we’re most likely going to get a president who is presidential in appearance and can restore America’s respectability.  He can construct complete sentences with ease.  He’ll work to get us out of Iraq and refocus our attention to the people responsible for September 11th.  He’ll work to improve our economy, seek out alternative energy sources, restore the Constitution, nominate Supreme Court Justices who are actually qualified to sit on the Supreme Court, protect Roe v Wade and gay rights, really support our troops and veterans, repair our infrastructure, fix our broken educational system, introduce universal healthcare, work to reduce poverty and strengthen the middle class.

With McCain, we are assured that we will get none of these things.  In fact, we would continue on the road that we’ve been on for the last 8 years which is the reason why we now need someone that will address these issues.  Everything that Obama will have to do as president is the result of what Bush has done wrong and McCain will continue. 

Why won’t America wake up and realize that McCain is our worst option right now?  Why don’t they stop blindly listening to the right-wing blowhards – Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and the rest?  Instead of being glued to Survivor, Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire, Deal or No Deal and Am I Smarter than Jeff Foxworthy, these people should start paying attention to the things that matter – how are you going to pay your mortgage, groceries, gasoline, clothing and utilities?  What if you, your child or spouse require hospitalization? 

Instead, we have to stop abortion, prevent ‘the gays’ from marrying, keep our guns and get science out of our schools. 

I am glad to see that Obama is starting to strike back but he also better realize that this is starting to slip away from him.  The smears are really just beginning.  Corsi’s book just came out along with another smear-job.  But there are more on the way.  I found them on Amazon.  The ads will increase and if the Republicans start to taste blood, watch the 527 Groups come out of the woodwork against Obama.

I fear that if McCain wins then the USA will end up just like the USSR.  Then we’d probably break into smaller segments which scares me even more for I live in a Red State! 

We’re running out of time.


2 responses to “Why John McCain Better Not Win

  1. Excellent post. McCain cannot win.

  2. Also agree, good post. And I’m through with politics too if McCain wins. But he won’t !!!