Obama is ‘The One’ . . . I am voting for

This pandering to the religious right has reached an all-time low. We’ve always known that Bush had sprinkled speeches with secret coded messages alerting the religious right to things the rest of us weren’t privy to. It was in this way that Bush was able to secure the Evangelical vote.

John McCain doesn’t seem to get the meaning of ‘secret coded message.’ Even I picked up on the message of ‘The One’ – the campaign ad where McCain compares Barack Obama with Charlton Heston Moses.

So, once again, McCain revives the premise of ‘The One’ with this new ad – ‘The One – Road to Denver’.

In the original, the Obama seal was seen coming through the parted Red Sea. This has been replaced with Obama body surfing.

This ad will not convince one person outside this Evangelical voting bloc to vote for McCain. Not a single one. I also find it hard to believe that this would sway the voters he is targeting. The ad is just too ridiculous.

I do love how every McCain ad starts with chants of Obama – Obama – Obama.


4 responses to “Obama is ‘The One’ . . . I am voting for

  1. As you wrote on my blog, a big yes to Biden. I agree. I think he’s exactly what Obama needs to help fight McCain. I’ve always liked Biden. He’s a straightshooter.

    btw, you should put your URL into your profile. That way when you leave a comment someone can click on your “name” to immediately access your blog.

  2. Thanks Bruce. I have updated my profile.

  3. It is funny that McCain keeps mentioning how popular Barack Obama is with Americans and the rest of the world. He must be feeling jealous because he keeps reminding us.

  4. It makes no sense, does it? I don’t understand the whole ‘don’t vote for him because he is popular’ theme.