Dissecting Bill-O’s Talking Points Memo – Obama Campaign Making a Big Mistake

I think it would be pretty funny to have Bill O’Reilly’s producer goons show up at my house or my office so I’ll say it:  Bill O’Reilly is a self-absorbed, out-of-touch imbecile.  I feel better already.

I used to be a regular viewer of The Factor from 1999-2004.  I found myself running to the computer following his broadcasts and fact-checked him.  After a while, it became easier as his misstatements were more frequent than his factual statements. 

A couple of years ago I developed a bad habit.  I would read Bill-O’s talking points memo and comment along the way – with fact checking and my opinions sprinkled in and would email it to my friends.  My goal was simple:  show O’Reilly for the blowhard that he is.  

It has been awhile since I’ve read one but I found myself at his site this morning and saw the headline:  Obama Campaign Making a Big Mistake.  That piqued my interest.  What direction would he take this opinion piece? 

“On the front page of Wednesday’s New York Times is an article about a new book by Jerome Corsi that bashes Barack Obama. Four years ago, Mr. Corsi wrote an anti-Kerry book and freely admits he wants conservatives in the White House.”

I’m surprised O’Reilly found out from the Times.  You would have thought Corsi would have sent him a copy directly.  I also like how O’Reilly says that Corsi bashes Obama.  The word is smear.  I would even say slander.  Bald-faced lies.   

“Now these kinds of books are not unusual. There are scores of anti-Bush books around, the latest one by Scott McClellan. But Corsi’s book is opening at No. 1 on the best-seller list, and there is a good reason why.”

It’s called bulk buying, but that’s not what you mean. 

Judging by the first 2 paragraphs one might think that O’Reilly would take this on its logical path – bashing the smear author (Corsi in this case).  Instead, O’Reilly has a mission – to bash Obama.  Are we really surprised?

“The Obama campaign has kept a very tight lid on the senator. Even after a year of campaigning, Americans still don’t know what the man’s belief system is. There’s a tremendous curiosity about him.”

The only Americans who don’t yet know Obama’s belief system are the one’s who refuse to read.  The one’s that find themselves glued to Bill-O, Hannity, Rush and the other right-wing pundits.  I know all about Obama because I actually read his website, checked out his voting record, read the newspapers and researched his history.  That problem is that O’Reilly’s viewers do not read and by using this approach will provide comfort to his viewers that they are not alone in their ignorance.

“Some voters who don’t like Obama want their opinion reinforced, and other voters who are undecided about him are seeking information, even if it is negative. Because the senator simply will not sit for challenging interviews, many questions about him and his background remain unanswered.”

Most people who don’t like him – don’t know him or are bigots in some form or another.  There are some that don’t like his policies but they aren’t the type of people that would waste their time with Corsi’s book.

“Now, you may remember last January that the senator told me he’d come on “The Factor” after the primaries were over. So far, he has not consented to do that. And at this point, we’re not hopeful.”

This was the paragraph that convinced me to do this.  The truth came out.  O’Reilly’s feewings were hurt because big bad Obama told him that he was going to come on his show but hasn’t.  Seriously, Bill.  I saw that footage. I think you are the only person alive that thought he was serious.  It’s like a girl who tells you that she would go out with you but she is doing her hair, visiting a sick relative, having her wisdom teeth pulled (again) or buying a new loofa.

“So what am I to think? The man looked me in the eye, patted me on my shoulder, and now he’s not doing what he said he’d do. We hope the senator changes his mind, but this dance has been going on far too long.”

Uh, I think his actual words were, ‘yeah, sure.’  And I think it was at that time that Obama’s security detail tried to escort you away from the senator.  It did appear like you were harassing him. 

And what dance?  There hasn’t been any sort of back and forth.  Why don’t you do what Chris Wallace did – put up a ‘Waiting on Obama to visit me’ clock.  It worked for him.

“So as both a journalist and a voter, I would like to know why Barack Obama is so hesitant to define himself. It’s simply not enough for me to listen to speeches written by other people and watch in-the-tank interviewers chat with him. I mean, I like softball, but enough’s enough.”

Did you just call yourself a journalist?  And are you saying that Chris Wallace lobbed softball questions to Obama?

Obama hasn’t been hesitant to define himself.  Like I said earlier, you and your viewers have refused to take the time to READ!   And if you did take the time to research, you’d know that Obama has written some speeches himself as well as both of his books.  According to the January 2008 Newsweek article ‘In His Candidate’s Voice’, you would know that the message is Obama’s – the phrasing is his speechwriter’s. Jon Favreau would sit with Obama 30 minutes per day, writing everything Obama said and then reshaped it into a speech.  It took me one Google search to turn that up as well as the story of Monty Python’s John Cleese offering his services as Obama’s speechwriter.  Do you do any research?

One more thing about the softball interviews.  When was the last time you saw John McCain get a tough question in an interview?

“As everybody knows, we’ve been very fair to Senator Obama and to Senator McCain. We criticize them when we feel they’re wrong. We set the record straight if we think they’re getting hosed. Neither candidate should have a beef with us.”

I’ll leave this one alone.  I didn’t realize that you were a comedian, like Rush Limbaugh.

“The end game is this: If Barack Obama continues to hide himself from American voters, he encourages negative information against him. Now, he might win the election anyway, but the Obama campaign is making a major mistake by hiding their candidate.”

The man’s in the news everyday, Bill.  I’ve seen him speak.  It was easier to see him than it was for me to find McCain.  What encourages negative information is ignorance.  And you’ve shown enough of it for one column.

“And that’s ‘the memo’.”


5 responses to “Dissecting Bill-O’s Talking Points Memo – Obama Campaign Making a Big Mistake

  1. Fox Noise as they say.

    This whole Corsi thing is going to go against the Republicans this time. Just watch.

  2. I used to send Bill O’Reilly hate mails every week that deconstructed his talking points with the closing signature, “Eat Shit and Die.” Then I realized I was using far too much of my time to communicate with Bill O’Reilly.

  3. Bruce,
    I agree with you. They were discussing Corsi on the Dan Abrams show last night and they were counting the number of lies that he put in the book. I also think people now realize that this scum lied in his John Kery litter box. (I have just insulted litter boxes.)

    Your closing signature was very ‘pithy’.
    Somewhere along the line, I realized that that the time I spent doing that was time I would never get back.

  4. I haven’t watched O’Reilly, except when it was on in my Republican grandparents’ house. I’d always leave the room when I realized that I was wasting good anger and outrage on him and that watching him was time of my life that I would never get back. He is 100% full of crap.

  5. I’ve always tried to get both political perspectives so I listened to Rush until I couldn’t handle the obsessive Clinton bashing during his first term. Now, I can’t listen to any of them.