I Paid $3.79 a Gallon Today and It’s Still Falling

Today, the market is up.  The dollar is up.  The financial news at lunchtime reported that so far today the dollar has made its biggest gain on the Euro in 6 years.  Why?  The price of oil is falling – and falling fast.

Another cartoon from the Sun-Sentinel’s Chan Lowe puts it into proper perspective.


3 responses to “I Paid $3.79 a Gallon Today and It’s Still Falling

  1. My question is: how long will it last before prices shoot up again? Because they will, just watch.

  2. I’m right there with you, Bruce. I haven’t figured out if it will rise in order to manipulate the offshore drilling nonsense, the election in November (high prices are because of the Democrats) or right after the election when all is safe.

  3. Prices will indeed go up. It’s a shame, really — higher priced hurt, but they do quite a lot for conservation. More, arguably, than federal CAFE standards.