GSTV pulls Obama ad

If you have ever pulled up to a gas station, swiped your credit card and some commercials started playing on a small TV located above the pumps, you are familiar with GSTV. 

I don’t usually pay attention to the ads that play – it usually kicks off with an NBC ad for SNL or something like that.  My mind drifts off to other things, like getting my car filled as fast as possible, not getting sick watching the price I have to pay for the gas, or searching around my car for any trash I can dispose of.

Gas Station TV (GSTV) can be found in more than 400 cities and is run by a company based in Michigan. 

Barack Obama’s campaign had an ad ready to go in parts of Florida that was going to present Obama’s energy plan and website.  Well, as much as it could show in a 30 second spot when part was spent casting John McCain as the Washington insider and taking a swipe at the oil companies.

The ad was pulled at the last second.  Obama’s campaign said this was due to the ad reflecting poorly on the oil industry.   GSTV CEO David Leider said that their company’s policy not to air political ads at the pumps.

”At a time when presidential campaign ads monopolize prime time, we believe it is important to be able to provide traditional advertisers with a clutter-free environment to showcase their brands and target marketing messages to a captive audience,” Leider said in the statement.

Being a private company, GSTV can air or not air whatever they choose.   The ad is still getting play on television.  Every major paper in Florida ran this story but I personally think it is overblown.  My only question is, why did GSTV approve the ad and then revoke the approval just prior to release?

What I did like about the story, was I found the following website:

This site is from and presents Obama’s energy policy.

It’s worth a read and a comparison to the McCain energy policy.  (And for that matter, Paris Hilton’s.)


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