Registered Voters Shift Toward Democrats

The number of registered Democrats is rising.  I had been hearing this for a couple of years.  I personally don’t know anyone who has changed party affiliations.  I know a large number of registered Republicans who will be voting for Barack Obama and many Democrats this time around.  Many of those also voted for John Kerry in 2004.

Today’s New York Times posted a story that details these changes.

The big discrepancy is felt in the youth movement – which has come out in force as Democrats and were the first bloc to support Obama. 

What I find fascinating is that this must be a reflection of the electorates’ contention with the Bush policies and direction.  If this trending is true, then why would John McCain be altering his platform to conform with the policies of the Bush administration?  One would think he would either run from them or challenge the president on each key issue offering a clear alternative.  Since 2000, McCain has voted with this administration 95% of the time.  That number is 100% in 2008.  Curious.


3 responses to “Registered Voters Shift Toward Democrats

  1. “Since 2000, McCain has voted with this administration 95% of the time. That number is 100% in 2008.”

    True, even thought McCain has missed something like 68% of the votes this year (much worse than Obama) as he’s been running for president. Also, I notice that McCain has sided with the administration even on issues where he’s said he strongly disagrees, such as the torture legislation. What else will he sell out?

  2. Deanna,
    That is an excellent point.
    He sponsored a bill on immigration and then voted against it.
    I remember reading that he wrote a bill and then voted against it.

    Those no-shows are disgusting especially when it is bills like the GI Bill (for the troops) and the FISA bill. And he talks about Obama putting self before country.

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