McCain ad: Compares Obama to Moses?

Explain to me how this ad helps John McCain?  How much do these ads cost to make and air?  On his website, it is listed as a 1 minute TV ad.

They used Charlton Heston, Mr. NRA to compare Obama to Moses who parts the Red Sea allowing the Obama Seal to pass through.  I’d say that was a little hokie.

They used misquotes again but that is to be expected now with the McCain ads.

Of course, upon watching this a few times, it is clear to me that he is trying to reach the religious right.  They want to create the image that Obama is mocking them.

                Can you see the light?

                He has anointed himself …

                The world will be blessed …

                Obama tells the crowd that they had an epiphany.

And that tagline?  “He may be ‘The One’, but is he ready to lead?”

Is that to imply that Moses didn’t lead his people into the Land of Israel?  Cause that’s all I’ve got.  Other than that, this ad would make me vote for Obama. 

If I am right and this ad is a ‘coded message’ then it is for the far right base – the bloc that wouldn’t vote for Obama in the first place meanwhile he’ll be losing the voters he needs to attract.  This is a convincing ad TO vote for Obama.

By the way, was that Michael Moore? 


I really didn’t want to post 2 videos in 1 day, but I couldn’t resist.


One response to “McCain ad: Compares Obama to Moses?

  1. Joseph Christiananian

    I agree with you. How can it be an insult to Obama to compare him to the most righteous and influential person in history? Moses, although not one of the 3 patriarchs, is the only person in history to have an ongoing dialogue over many years with the Almighty. I’m sure Obama is flattered, but recognizes that nobody is worthy of this comparison.