McCain & Obama: Two Campaigns Heading in Opposite Directions

Barack Obama has continued his presidential exhibition this week by meeting Tuesday with both Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. Monday, he met with billionaire investor Warren Buffett, former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, Google executive Eric Schmidt and Clinton administration Treasury secretary Robert Rubin.

It was an impressive lineup of financial experts to say the least. After a tour of the Middle East and Europe last week to show his foreign relations skills, this week Obama has turned his focus toward the economy. He has been criticized for not being ‘ready on day one’. How does one challenge those critics? Look and act presidential in every move you make.

Meanwhile, in the other camp, John McCain who has run a campaign assuring American voters that he will not raise taxes has, well, (I don’t want to say it again), uh, flip-flopped. Yes, the candidate who has been informing us that Obama will raise our taxes but he (McCain) won’t said the following while appearing Sunday on ABC’s This Week:

“There is nothing that’s off the table. I have my positions, and I’ll articulate them. But nothing’s off the table. I don’t want tax increases. But that doesn’t mean that anything is off the table.”

Note to John McCain: Generally, the candidate who promises no new taxes should wait until AFTER THE ELECTION to break that promise. (See George HW Bush 41)

Who can forget this McCain classic? “Phil Gramm does not speak for me. I speak for me.”

McCain’s chief economic advisor, Douglas Holtz-Eakin told Slate, “[McCain] has certainly I’m sure said things in town halls” that don’t jibe perfectly with his written plan. But that doesn’t mean it’s official.”

In other words: John McCain doesn’t speak for John McCain either.

Could these two campaigns drift any further apart?


One response to “McCain & Obama: Two Campaigns Heading in Opposite Directions

  1. Why isnt Barack Obama not opening up a huge lead on John McCain?

    All the factors point to a very large Obama win but its not materializing.

    I would really like you to come to

    and post why you think this lead isn’t coming to past. Can anyone explain this ? Give it a shot