Vanity Fair to the Rescue

Sometimes we need to be reminded that we are taking this all too seriously. Vanity Fair seems to be the ones to have taken on this task as reminder-in-chief. A few weeks ago, Fox News did an on-air hatchet job on Steven Reddicliffe and Jacques Steinberg of the New York Times.

When I say hatchet job, Fox News (how many news organizations could get away with this?) took pictures of these 2 men and Photoshopped them.

To the rescue came Vanity Fair who tested out their Photoshop talents. Here are some of the Fox News on-air personalities they modified. (Bill-O, Sean Hannity, Fox and Friends’ Steve Doocy, William Kristol, and Geraldo Rivera)

Last week, some of us laughed while others were outraged when the New Yorker magazine released a cover of the Obama’s illustrating many of the fears and smears that are ‘out there.’

Wednesday, Vanity Fair returned as our caped crusader. They released an illustration of the McCain’s in the same light as the Obama’s. Again, my first reaction was a chuckle. Now will the same people who were outraged by the Obama cover be outraged by the McCain picture? I have seen some who are offended by the Vanity Fair McCain illustration because they say it missed the point of the offensive tone found in the Obama cover. I think these critics missed the point – again.

Thank you Vanity Fair. You have made us realize that sometimes we need to just step back from this nonsense and laugh and realize just how insane it all is. And maybe, we Americans just need to lighten up.


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