Flip-Flopping until November

It’s November 3rd and the election is tomorrow. John McCain (the Republican) has flip-flopped so many times now – every single day – I no longer recall his original positions. Barack Obama (the Democrat) has been ‘clarifying’ has positions lately and he appears to be pulling toward the right. Is he the most liberal candidate ever or really a centrist?

Both candidates are firming up their positions for the final push towards the November general election. At some point in late September or early October much of America will wake up and join the rest of us in the campaign of 2008.

They’ll get excited by the thrilling ads on television and radio. Their mailboxes will be flooded with endless fliers depicting nothing but ‘facts’. The so-called liberal media will pummel us with sound bites as will the ‘fair and balanced’ Fox News.

Here’s a sample of what these sleeping Americans will ‘know’ about each candidate by the time the election mercifully rolls around. (Though we’ll know better – I think).

Barack Obama

He’s the first black man to run for the presidency. He’s the secret Muslim (his middle name is Hussein) from the angry black Christian church who refuses to wear an American flag lapel pin or put his hand over his heart during the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. How un-American. (Note: Why do the media continually make us think that being a Muslim is a bad thing? It is offensive and it needs to stop).

We know he hates the Jews and will give Israel to the Palestinians and negotiate openly with the Iranians.

He is against the Constitution and will take our guns from us. He is pro gays and abortion.

Soft on terror, Obama refuses to support the troops.

He flip-flops repeatedly on important issues like Iraq, national security (where he’s inexperienced), campaign finance reform (where his opposition worked tirelessly across party lines to come up with a wonderful public financing system) and energy.

Speaking of energy – he has taken money from ethanol, doesn’t understand the importance of offshore oil drilling and is against every form of relief that McCain has proposed to help Americans during these tough times.

He’ll tax the poor and middle class to bankruptcy – we already can’t afford anything anymore because of the ‘Democrat’ controlled Congress.

He missed hundreds of votes while in the Illinois Legislature and always seemed to vote against the needs of America and Americans while in the U.S. Senate.

He has never served, therefore will never be able to be qualified to be Commander in Chief.

He talks about ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’ but his eloquent speeches can’t cover up for the lack of experience or any real plan or understanding of what we’re dealing with.

John McCain

The straight-shooting maverick is a Viet Nam war hero. He was a POW for 5½ years and was brutally tortured. (Very much true)

He has stood up to the Republican Party in an effort to bridge the gap between Republican and Democrat. (Though he voted 95% with his party since 2001).

He worked tirelessly to pass a GI Bill in mid-2008 and blamed the Democrats for not doing enough for the troops. (Though the bill was written and sponsored by Democrat Jim Webb and McCain was against this bill and didn’t show up for the vote).

He believes we must win in Iraq even though he has fought this administration on its handling of the war.

He understands the thoughts and dreams of Middle America and has fought hard to prevent their struggles. Unfortunately, the Democrats refused to work with him. He will help rebuild their areas, but as a straight-talker, tells them that it will not be an easy fight.

He is pro-family. Period. “Take it the way you want”.

As a POW, he is strong on terror and national security. Only he can understand and support the troops. He would never want any American to have to endure the torture that he had to deal with himself.

He’ll continue to cut taxes for the poor and middle class. He’ll help us save our homes (with the help of Phil Gramm).

We’ll drill for oil and look for ways to lower the price of gasoline.

He honored the public campaign finance system and has run a clean campaign.

He understands the issues of Global Climate Change and his plans will not only reverse the effects but make us the most environmentally-friendly country on the planet.

His healthcare plan will cover every American unlike Obama’s who will cover most Americans and bankrupt them at the same time.

He has voted correctly on every bill since joining the U.S. Senate although sometimes it appeared at the time that this wasn’t the case. History has made his case. (Just don’t look at his voting record – most recently the FISA bill and the GI bill).

He believes the best of America is still in the future – resting with our children and grandchildren – and he will make sure that this will be realized.

Some already believe this crapola and, no doubt, millions of voters will embrace this perspective once the mailings and commercials run their course. The sound bite and smear become fact. Facts are annoying and confusing because it takes time to read.


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