Anyone see McCain today?

Where is John McCain?

Since he became the presumptive Republican nominee for president, this is the second key bill McCain has not even shown up for the vote.

First he skipped the vote for the GI Bill that was championed by Virginia Senator Jim Webb. Even though McCain spoke out against the bill and refused to show up for the vote, he now claims credit for its passing. President Bush even gave him special kudos (along with Jim Webb and others) for playing a key bipartisan role in getting the bill passed.

Now McCain is a huge advocate for the bill.

Today, the Senate passed (disgustingly, I might add) the new FISA bill by a vote of 69-28. This bill grants the Telecoms immunity from civil lawsuits and basically cripples the Fourth Amendment. I am looking forward to see what Jonathan Turley and John Dean have to say tonight.

Only 3 Senators didn’t vote today. Ted Kennedy is kind of dealing with a brain tumor right now. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) was the second. The third was John McCain.

Where was he?

I guess since this is an important bill, he decided that he would be better off not voting, claim victory and credit and criticize Obama. (Obama disgustingly voted for this bill as a ‘compromise’.)

Prediction – Remember that debate where Hillary Clinton and John Edwards were asking Obama about his ‘present votes’ while he served in the Illinois Senate? I predict the McCain campaign will revive it and use it against Obama.


To deflect the fact that McCain has gone missing during key votes.

If he isn’t going to be there when his vote is needed, how can we count on him as president?


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