McCain eats lunch, relieves self

The media has run out of things to print. I’ve run out of things to read.

The AP released a story yesterday – McCain goes to church, visits VA hospital.

In some on-line papers this actually was considered Breaking News. Give me a break!

What’s worse is just how many outlets ran with this nonsense.

McCain went to church and shook hands with ushers, greeters and church members both before and after the service. The next sentence / paragraph said that many didn’t even know the McCain’s were there. Really? He shook hands with them before and afterwards. He is surrounded by Secret Service. And many didn’t notice?

And this is in my paper – why?

And I’m reading it – why?

And I’m blogging about it – why?

What gets me is the timing of this. Barack Obama just last week began pandering to the religious right by announcing that he was expanding Bush’s Faith-based Initiative program. Now, we see that McCain went to church. Does he usually go? If he does, why was last weekend so newsworthy unless it was the media telling the same religious right ‘hey – remember McCain is the religious guy, the Republican.’

This blurb went on to say that McCain went to a Phoenix VA hospital for a 45-minute visit. Did he talk about how he was against Jim Webb’s GI Bill? Did he explain why he didn’t show up for the vote? Did he answer why Bush gave McCain credit for working on a bill that he had absolutely nothing to do with?

* * * *

Since it was clear the media that was forced to follow McCain around had nothing newsworthy to say, I wondered about the team following Obama.

Here is the lightly run story of the day (and I’m not making this up)

Obama takes day off from campaign trail; attends barbecue with family in Chicago

The second paragraph described what the Obama’s wore beginning first with his wife and children – who all wore tank tops. Obama wore flip-flops. Are you kidding me? (There’s that word again – flip flop)

Instead of proceeding to describe the menu at this barbeque, this story told me that Obama, the day before, went to the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Missouri. According to the article, they are “one of the nation’s largest and most politically active black denominations.”

I’m trying to figure out the necessity or implication of including this in the last part of that story.

Politically – active – black – denominations.

I know I can read between the lines – that’s what I do. Somehow I think this was just a slow news day. Nothing to report. So we got to hear how many times the candidates went wee-wee.


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