Extending the Tours, The McBush and Wbama Campaigns, and Scrapers

Happy July 4th

It’s the Fourth of July weekend and I’ve decided to take the weekend off from politics but a few things caught my eye that I couldn’t let go. (It shows how well I’ve taken the weekend off.)

The Pentagon announced that they are extending the tours by a month for the troops who were ready to come home. I guess the Pentagon was thinking that it’s only a month. I’m thinking: why did they announce it Thursday before the 3 day weekend when no one was paying attention?

This Wesley Clark thing is getting out of hand. He didn’t diminish McCain’s military service. After all, you can not diminish the fact that McCain is a military hero nor would anyone diminish the torture he endured as a POW. All Clark did was point out that McCain’s military service does not qualify him to be president. McCain is running on his service and Clark brought up an important point that must be discussed. Instead, the media is attacking Clark for the comments. Well, isn’t that typical?

As a Floridian, I have known about Charlie Crist, the Republican Governor for quite some time. I know that he had the reputation of being more of a moderate but ran for governor as Jeb Bush’s third term. He said that with few exceptions – the environment, the school standardized FCAT test program, etc – that he would run the state as a ‘status quo’. Once in office, he moved sharply to the center angering Republican Speaker of the House Mario Rubio, which sent me a message. Now Crist has changed his long-standing position on the environment and offshore oil drilling to align himself with McCain’s new position that aligned McBush with Bush. Recently, we heard that Crist was dating – a woman. We had always quietly heard, here in Florida, that Crist was gay – not that it matters – unless you are a Republican. Now weeks later the nearly lifelong bachelor (he had a brief marriage right out of college that lasted less than 1 year) has announced his engagement to . . . the woman. Consequently, there are rumors that Crist is now the leading candidate to become McCain’s running mate. We know how the Republicans hate ‘the gays’. How can you be gay if you’re married?

Recently, we have seen Barack Obama’s positions seemingly shift toward the center and the right. His rhetoric regarding Iraq recently seems to be shifting toward the right as more details about his positions come out. I recall during the debates, that he held a more phased out approach along with Clinton. Kucinich and Gravel would have pulled them all out immediately. Edwards would have only left troops to protect our interests. It appears that Obama is sounding the same – unless you are the media. (See a pattern?)

Obama is also talking about voting for the FISA ‘compromise’ giving the telecoms immunity and killing the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. This goes against Obama’s previous position that he would filibuster any bill that would grant immunity to the telecoms. Is this a flip-flop, political pandering, a bold political move to get more moderates and Republican voters or a lame, weak-ass move?

Now, Obama is going after the bloc of voters that are questioning whether they like McCain as their candidate. Obama is talking about increasing the Faith Based Initiatives program that Bush gave great lip service to without really promoting. This could be the ultimate prize if Obama can pick up these voters. It seems unlikely that they would vote for McCain – doubtful if Crist is the VP choice – unless McCain goes with Huckabee or Brownback instead as his running mate. Obama seems to be sounding more like W-bama lately and his base is getting annoyed, but then who else would the left vote for?

And finally, it appears the content of my blog has been stolen. The term for this is ‘scraping’. I know this site has been used as a source, referenced by other sites, spammed, linked to, etc. None of that has been a problem for me as I’ve always been credited and you could always link back to my site from these sites. In fact, it is pretty cool seeing your writings referenced elsewhere. Scraping however is copying the entire content and posting it elsewhere and no credit is given to the author. I know they say that you haven’t hit it as blogger until your work is stolen but . . . I guess I should take it in stride. I guess it will be funny if I read this on the other site. Has anyone else encountered this, what were your reactions and how did you respond?

Hope you all are having a fantastic Fourth of July weekend.

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