George Carlin – Thank you for the laughter

For me,  George Carlin was a hero of sorts.  I know I don’t stand alone in that sentiment.

He stood up to authority by questioning it and making fun of it.  

He constantly challenged the norm.

He pulled me out of despair when on August 2, 1979 my boyhood idol, Thurman Munson, was killed in an airplane crash.

As a boy, I didn’t think I would ever get pulled out of my state of mourning, especially not by that evening’s guest host of The Tonight Show.

He’s made me laugh ever since.  I’ve seen him in concert numerous times over the years, most recently for the last show of the millennium – December 31, 2000 – when he concluded with “Happy Real Millennium.”

Thank you for giving me 3 decades of laugher.  You will be sorely missed.

I leave you with the routine that helped me 29 years ago – Baseball and Football

RIP Geor-ge-or-ge-or-ge.




One response to “George Carlin – Thank you for the laughter

  1. I read the deeply sad and unbelievable news early this morning on AOL. How much of him is in my daily voicespeak is immeasurable and his comedic intelligence and brilliance is unsurpassed. I will miss him and always treasure him. He was the nexus of my friendship with my buddy in FL who wrote the other article, George Carlin- “Thank you for the laughter”. He was one of my favorite people in show business and will always be remembered by me in my heart. I loved him very much.
    Rest in peace, George and you were right about the blue food!!