Wake up HillBots!

Hillary, What do we do?Any Hillary Clinton supporter who votes for John McBush is a moron. I am sick and tired of reading about these HillBots who refuse to vote for Barack Obama. It’s time for them to start looking at the issues.

Compare every Clinton issue with that of McBush, please. Every one of them. Find one where they are aligned? Their vote on the Iraq War? The vote on Iran? Okay, I’ll give you those.

How about a domestic policy issue? Not one of those, unless, of course, you count that ridiculous summer gas tax holiday.

So unless you Hillbots supported Clinton for her vote on Iraq and Iran, then I can see you swinging to McBush. Otherwise, wake up.

Johrge McBushSince the Bush presidency began in 2001, John McBush has voted 85% with the policies of the Bush administration. In 2007, that number was 95%. In 2008, 100%. Look at how McBush flip-flopped on off-shore drilling yesterday to get behind the president. McBush WILL BE the third term for George W. Bush. The W stands for WTF.

McBush is against everything that we, as Americans expect from our elected leaders. He was sharing a cake with Bush when New Orleans was underwater. He is against any type of universal health care. He is against improving the education of our children. He was against Jim Webb’s G.I. Bill which assisted our troops with education once they returned home because it was ‘too generous’. I can keep going, but you can see where this is heading.

The well-respected Justice Antonin ScaliaBush has selected 2 Supreme Court Justices. John Roberts and Samuel Alito. Both of these men dragged the court over to the right on each issue as they fell in behind Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia.

The next president will likely replace 2 or 3 justices. Justice Stevens is 88. Four others are over 70. There is a decent chance that some of these 5 justices would like to retire.

If you believe that the Supreme Court should have justices that are actually for justice, then you must vote for Barack Obama.

We all agree that the media is messed up and we know that John McBush will not change it if he wins the election. If you believe that News must be News and not bloviated opinion, then you must vote for Barack Obama.

Both Obama and Clinton support the woman’s right to choose. We know where McBush stands on this issue. If you believe that women have control over the decisions that affect their bodies, then you must vote for Barack Obama.

No Child Left Behind is a complete and utter debacle leaving our poorer children and those with learning disabilities behind. If you believe that your children really must not be left behind, then you must vote for Barack Obama.

Thanks to the Grand OLD Party (the ‘old’ stands for old ideas, old politics and old nominee) millions have no healthcare coverage. Others have insufficient coverage or no coverage for pre-existing conditions. If you believe that you should never have to worry about the health insurance for you or your family, then you must vote for Barack Obama.

McBush has said that 100 more years in Iraq would be fine with him. If you believe that our children who are fighting and risking their lives in Iraq should be home with their families, you must vote for Barack Obama.

This economy is horrible and getting worse daily. Gas prices keep climbing. Every service that uses gasoline must raise their prices in order to stay afloat. John McBush said during one of the Republican primary debates that he was not that strong on the economy. His plan proves this point. If you believe that you shouldn’t have to decide whether to heat your home, feed you family or buy medicine, you must vote for Barack Obama.

Are you Hillbots really that bitter that you would totally vote against your best interests and that of your family because you believe that the media treated your candidate unfairly – that Rahm Emanuel and the DLC treated your candidate unfairly – that some of the so-called super delegates treated your candidate unfairly???

Barack Obama - Change We Can Believe InObama did none of those things. He spoke about Clinton with respect and completely acted presidential. He is our party’s candidate.

Hillbots – Get over it already! Obama won the election based on the RULES! It is time for us to unite AND VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA.

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One response to “Wake up HillBots!

  1. I say kudos to this post. A lot of those supporters seem to be women who are part of some hate obama blog. Yet if you notice a lot of those sites are ran by men who are stirring these women up and who most likely weren’t even democrat to begin with. Also any hillary supporter voting for mccain over obama obviously weren’t voting for hillary based on policy descisions